Xchange 3 walkthrough

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The encyclopedia of game cheats. A die hard gamer would get pissed if they saw someone using cheats and walkthroughs in games, but you have to agree, sometimes little hint or the "God Mode" becomes necessary to beat a particularly hard part of the game. If you are an avid gamer and want a few extra weapons and tools the survive the game, CheatBook DataBase is exactly the resource you would want. Find even secrets on our.

Contact info at bottom of Faq Do not sell this Faq or edit it by removing my name from it. Do not xchange 3 walkthrough it on any other website without my permission. Do not incorporate any part of this FAQ into your own guide without obtaining my express written permission. X-Change c and all related materials translated by Peach Princess and belongs to Crowd. History 2. Walkthrough 3. Hex Editing 4.

Misc 5.

Reasonings behind the choices are given so that you can learn the skill in playing h-games. To put it simply, the way to get a best ending in a h-game is to have a knowledge of cause and effect. This faq also has optimal saving point locations and also how to get all the CG in as few replays as possible. These make no difference in the route you will take in the game. Don't worry, last one Regardless of your choice, no change in endings. To Bad End 6 on the other hand, do you trust a nurse with a horny streak?

To Bad End 5 He's also a dirty old pervert and he doesn't like you and vice versa If you choose Nurse Matsunaga or Mr Terada, regardless of your other choices, you will get an ending with them, choose Miyagi-sensei to progress through the game.

If you chose "Go for it", you'll get a h-scene, however, you will not get to choose what medicine to drink only green in a later choice and will get bad end 3, choose "Restrain yourself" to continue 9. H-scene with Natsumi Considering Satoh's personality you should know she's up to something To true ending 1 This is the ending that X-change 2 continues on, so if you have only want to watch one ending, watch this one This isn't a trick question, choose the girl you want.

Choice 7: Save. Choose Nurse, play until end, reload, choose Mr. Terada, repeat. Choose Xchange 3 walkthrough sensei and continue. Choice 8: Save and "Go for it" to get the CG, then load. Load and Choose "apologize" Choice Save. Reload and choose "give up and endure".

Choice "Go to art room" gives you the same CG as in Choice 11, so just choose "Go to chemistry labs". Choice Save and drink green medicine. Load and then drink the red one. Choice Save and choose one, then load and choose the other.

I'm a lazy bum. Rumors start to spread and your reputation is ruined, Satoh stops working on your cure and you end up as his woman. Terada" Regardless of your other choices, you will receive this ending on the 4th day Ending 6 bad end Nurse and then some other students take advantage of you and you decide not to turn back because your feminine side is awakened and it's better lalala Natsumi walks in on you and Seiji and everybody misunderstands the situation.

Even though you are turned back into a male, you are still hated because of all the rumors. Well I've got the solution for you! They're sick! A: Nope, sorry, these is one of the weak points of this game, events that you MUST see each time you play the game.

Where can I get this game? A: Peach Princess www. If you're asking for the Japanese version Why should I buy this game instead of others? Also it's the cheapest, and if you are planning to buy X-change 2 which according to my sources, is supposed to have fixed many of the thing people disliked in this X-change gameyou might need to know the characters by playing the first game. Remove the underscores this is to prevent e-mail harvesting for spamif you really want to xchange 3 walkthrough me you'll make the effort to do it anyway. X-Change c by Crowd Submit your codes!

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Xchange 3 walkthrough

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