Where the heart is full walkthrough

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So, are there more out there like me that wanted a single mod that enabled incest, helped walk you through the game and have a gallery to replay out the sexy parts of the game. Well, worry no more — the supermod is here to save the day. The gallery was built ground up with a generalized gallery system that I am prototyping.

If this works out, it should make building galleries a breeze for most linear VN games. Do let me know if you face any issues with the replays. With the Ep17 mod version, the gallery will have a gallery unlocker. You can click on the unlock button to bypass the restrictions in the gallery.

You should then be able to view the contents of the gallery with ease. If you so choose to do, you can also re-lock the gallery and the restrictions should kick back in for all the unviewed scenes.

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Extract the mod. Copy over the game folder in the mod to the root of the main game. Replace all files when prompted.

The supermod has Incest enabled for the game. What that means is painstakingly replace all the dialog with incest-certified dialog. On top of his initial mod, I added in the rest of the incest and walkthroughs on m own.

The walkthrough sections are relatively easy to figure out and the re-writing the script for the incest sections was just plain fun. Download Mod. Where The Heart Is [Ep. Hillside [v0.

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Where the heart is full walkthrough

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Where The Heart Is Walkthrough & Gallery All-in-One Mod