What is a milking table

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The verdict is in. Across the board everyone loves the Milking Table. But with my ever curious, analytical mind, I want to know why! I have been getting a lot of play time in with my custom made milking table and am just loving it. New to the concept of a Milking Table?

Let me explain. A Milking Table is a massage table with a strategically placed hole where the groin would be. You can do a google search to see the sexy possibilities of what a milking table has to offer. Most of what you will see if a woman giving a man a BJ under the table. Of course this is super hot but there is so much more to a milking table and the possibilities are endless. When having sex, a man is usually taking a very active role. Being on your stomach gives you a feeling of complete surrender as you have no choice but to release into a very passive role.

Even with regular sensual massage, many people feel like they should be doing something. Where should I look? What should I be doing? In this position, with the weightlessness of your body face down, you are able to completely relax into your pleasure. We all like to experience different things.

Anything that gives the body a unique experience makes the senses squeal with delight. Most people have never experienced a release while on their stomach. One friend said it was like nothing he had ever felt before. Oh how I wish I fucking knew what that meant, but I do not have a cock!

So lucky you! This is an interesting one! I am sure that if you are lucky enough to experience an orgasm on a milking table that you will ejaculate more. It seriously just keeps cuming and cuming and cuming! Like a cow sorry for the comparison you are literally being milked so every last drop is able to be squeezed right out.

Due to my strategically placed mirror, with just a tilt of their head, they can see everything happening below.

And there is a lot of fun stuff going on down there! The milking table was new to me for like 1 minute. Quickly I figured out the most sensually strategic ways to incorporate different strokes and movements with and around the hole.

So if you are doing home play with a milking table with your woman, send her to me first to learn all the tricks and trades in creating an experience that is amazingly seductively and erotic! Whether we get to play together or you know someone else with a Milking Table, it is a must try for every man!

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What is a milking table

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