What does a titfuck feel like

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I enjoy titjob a lot, and I want to kiss your beautiful nipples, and I want to play with your tits all day, if you want you can hold your boobs and makes the job if you don't mind if you see someone's holding your boobs is painful, so what do you think, I want an answer please.

HandsomeNishNob, No That's just my opinion. If you think there's something wrong with me for feeling this way then, well there's something wrong with you. Haha yes it's one of the most selfless sexual acts OldRedbeard if it doesn't hurt me, I don't mind doing anything that pleasures him.

What does a titfuck feel like

I think that's the best way to look at it I mean I'll twirl my tongue around a nipple or a clit until my tongue falls off Share Facebook. Boys and girls Add Opinion. It doesn't do a whole lot for me. I don't mind doing it if my partner enjoys it, but it doesn't give me any pleasure. It can be painful if my partner is the one holding my breasts and he squeezes them too roughly. I know guys who like it, but for girls it's more about watching their partner get off. There's not a lot else for girls to get off on with tittyfucking.

It'd be like trying to jack off your kneecap. Steponie Xper 4. Its good if the gorl has big rnough boobs to oush together. HandsomeNishNob Xper 4. Tittyfucking is incredible. When I check a girl out I look at her breasts and wonder about how good it would feel to slide my cock between them.

I'm a tittyfucker and a big cummer. GotTheseMitts Xper 5. I can care less Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. How does it feel when a girl gives u a titfuck? Sort Girls First Guys First. Never done it primarily because I only date women with small breasts.

What does a titfuck feel like

Big boobs are ugly and a huge turnoff IMHO. Every time I've tried it doesn't reeally do that much for either of us. It makes my girls feel special. It hurts if he squeezes them together too hard. It doesn't feel good nor hurt for me. Honestly I feel nothing from it but I know it does a lot for guys! How much experience do you have with it?

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What does a titfuck feel like

Goldie 1K opinions shared on Sexuality topic. My boobs are WAY too small for that. I'm indifferent about it, but its hot when his cock is in my face. Related myTakes. What Men Really Want in a Woman What Women Really Want in a Man Learn how to take care of yourself! Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Learn more. Yes No.

What does a titfuck feel like What does a titfuck feel like

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Boys and girls do u like titfuck? does it feel good or hurts?