Visual novels with h scenes

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But the be—all and end—all question is always this: are they even necessary? They are necessary! I swear! Romance will always be there somewhere no matter how plot-driven the story is. Because of the H-scenes, couples in visual novels re-affirm their feelings for each other, and we as viewers, get a conclusion in their romance stories. Furthermore, because the focus are centered so much on these two, you can understand why they would fall for each other since their build-up and development were so consistent.

In short, these H-scenes are good because of the build-up to get there and the sense of conclusion in the climax of their romantic journey. Ultimately, the presence of H-scenes actually enhances the story instead of diminishing it. In fact now that when I think about it, I like most visual novel H-scenes because most of them are vanilla … and I like my vanilla. Aside from that, H-scenes can definitely enhance a story, but this time in a completely opposite end of the spectrum — in that it bolsters the depressing atmosphere.

Some visual novels like Saya no Uta, Muv-Luv Alternative and Homeless School Girl are especially good at this; sure there are H-scenes, but not the titillating kind, in fact, the only things you can feel from them are unease and discomfort. These aim at making the scenes as eerie or disturbing as possible so as to sympathize with the character. These H-scenes serve their purposes, in that they create a sense of unease and discomfort creeping up onto the viewers, and also effectively made the character pitiable.

While I like these lesser, I nonetheless, still appreciate them to be able to invoke such feelings — these scenes made me visual novels with h scenes sad, angry and just all around terrible, and not many visual novels can invoke such powerful despite not really good feelings. So are H-scenes necessary? They are incredibly helpful finishing touches that enhance the story.

This will always and forever be argued, but I personally feel they are more of a merit than a demerit. Depends on the visual novel, but I think they have their place in romance stories. Not sure why they are considered so controversial when practically every movie has a sex scene. I think the difference is that many VN H-scenes are deed for sexual gratification rather than as the culmination of a relationship or as a plot device, whereas movie sex scenes are almost all too short-lived to be used for…other purposes.

That said, I agree with the article. However, many of those same emotions can be evoked in other ways, and H-scenes are sometimes used as the easy way out — for example, repeated rape scenes for shock factor. Are they necessary?

Can they contribute to the quality of a narrative?

How often do they contribute to the quality of a narrative where other methods would not be as effective? I do agree that a lot of VN H-scenes are deed for simply sexual gratification, but when VNs used them in aforementioned ways, then they are pretty good.

Yeah the key point here is that they are certainly not required in every visual novel, but ones that used them for more contextual purposes, are the ones definitely used right. Games from Asa Project are mostly there for humor, and their H-scenes are rather awkward or inappropriately placed.

So in conclusion, H-scenes is like that icing on the cake. You mention about the genres but yeah, VNs where romance is the main focus is one genre which might has the highest potential to adhere to all these criteria. Other genres that have overarching stories might be harder to pull this off since romance is mostly a sideline story in favor of the main storyline. Then again, it depends on the execution. Most times, the execution of these scenes are mixed.

It really does depend on the visual novel, but titles that used these H-scenes right do exist, though they are few and far in between. Pingback: Just my guilty pleasure reblog. Sometimes it is, especially in a romance VN. Having sex is just a completely innocent gesture there, honest! You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google.

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Visual novels with h scenes

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