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Ever get tired of always writing manchmal?

Want to score bonus points for using synoynms in your class essays? Ex: Meine Arbeit kann zeitweise recht anstrengend sein. Tr: My job can be quite stressful at times. Ex: Ich leiste mitunter Freiwilligenarbeit. Tr: I do volunteer work every now and then. Ex: Ihre Emotionen wirken bisweilen aufgesetzt.

Tr: Her emotions sometimes seem insincere. Ex: Aber dann und wann kommt doch echtes Leben in die Politik. Tr: But now and then tumblr german girls life comes into politics. Ex: Zuweilen scheint es, als sei er etwas verwirrt. Though we often highlight the diplomats who work at the German Embassy, the unsung heroes of the Embassy world are its local staff members.

All Embassies, regardless of nationality, tend to hire locals who speak the language of both countries. Many of these local staff members are German born and have either naturalized or married Americans. Since they can best be able to speak to the language learning curve, we asked them for language tips for learning German. Great tips, right? The common thre are consistency and familiarity. If you already like to cook, try getting a German cookbook. If you like to sing, listen to and learn the lyrics of German songs.

You know yourself best so think of what you like or are good at and see how you can incorporate the German language into it. Speaking of which, what are your tips for learning German? How do you practice outside of the classroom?

Tell us in the comments! But who says that is necessarily unproductive? Watching shows can teach us about history, culture, and language and this is especially so if the shows you watch are from another country than our own. Currently, we are tumblr german girls a huge wave of German series being adapted for U.

The best part about the recent series released to American audiences though is that they mimic the same variety as that of American series—from dramas to sci-fi to historical thrillers. So if you are looking for your newest Netflix binge or want to practice German in the comfort of your own home, check out one of these five trending series:. With sixteen episodes in its first season, Babylon Berlin should keep you entertained for a while. The plotline revolves tumblr german girls the young police commissioner Gereon Rath who is transferred from Cologne to Berlin in during the Weimar Republic.

Gereon himself has a hidden past, masking the trauma he still endures after the war while he works with him unlikely partner Charlotte Ritter to solve a case. This series strikes the perfect mix between historical drama and thriller.

No surprise that this German series is set to take place inwhen a young East German border guard Martin Rauch is sent to the West as a spy for the Stasi in the West German army. Trying to collect NATO military secrets, he is constantly at risk of blowing his cover.

Want to step into the world of high finance? In Bad Banks, lead character Jana tries to get ahead in a practically all male environment. This series is probably the most likely one you stumbled upon on Netflix. In fact, it is the first German-language Netflix original series. Dark has often been compared to the American sci-fi thriller Stranger Things.

Its storyline centers on the town of Winden, where local children start disappearing. Netflix is killing it with series centering on a strong female lead and Charite is no exception. Charite is about a new nurse Ida Lenze who, working in a hospital in Berlin indreams of becoming a doctor. Castles in Germany are straight out of a fairy tale. Often found sitting atop high mountain peaks with turrets reaching tumblr german girls the sky, they boast a rich history in both their glory and their ruin.

Many of these castles have experienced architectural hardship over the centuries—from revolts to wars to even lightning. The majority have since been restored to their former glory. Some of them even remain in the royal families they were built by! A Burg is a fortress or a castle deed for defense in battle, whereas a Schloss is a palace deed as a residence. This hilltop behemoth was built in by the Prussian Royal family. It was completely destroyed in but was eventually rebuilt. Amazingly, the same family owns and lives in it today. The Prince of Prussia and his wife keep their castle open to the public and the Prussian flag proudly flies from it.

Born in the castle inJohann Conrad Dippel was an alchemist who set up a lab in the castle and produced animal oils which he advertised as an elixir of life. Supposedly, Shelley heard of the lore while cruising up in Rhine in tumblr german girls This medieval fairy-tale-like castle has been in the hands of a single family for over 33 generations.

An engraving of it was even used from to on the German Deutsche Mark note. When Sophie Charlotte died in at the age of 36, Friedrich named the palace and its estate Charlottenburg in her memory. Heidelberg Castle has a history as old as Heidelberg itself. The first parts of this breath-taking Schloss were built aroundwith it only gaining regal recognition when Prince Elector Ruprecht III inhabited it. The castle is tumblr german girls up of several separate buildings all surrounding a large courtyard.

Still, the ruins attract local and international visitors alike throughout the year and is now even a popular wedding destination. The original castle dated back to but was destroyed twice and finally fell into ruins. The rebuilt version from the 19th century was inspired by the novel Lichtenstein by Wilhelm Hauff and sits on a cliff in the Swabian Alps and overlooks picturesque rolling hills. The castle up until today is decked out with fantastic historic artwork, stained glass, and armory. This castle may not be the prettiest but it IS the longest—a fact confirmed by a Guiness World Record.

Located in Upper Bavaria, this castle was the second residence of the dukes of Lower Bavaria. It was created in gothic style and is made up of a main castle, inner courtyard and five outer courtyards. Burghausen is best admired in a panoramic view as to conceptualize its length of 3, feet. It would not be a list of German castles without this undeniable Bavarian favorite. Construction began in and took quite a long time to finish—so long in fact, that Ludwig never saw the final version which was finished in It now attracts over 6, visitors a day in summer. Most Germans do so gladly, enthusiastically…maybe even fanatically.

Of all countries, our team makes it easy to be excited. Held in Switzerland, the games were won by the then West German team in a final against Hungary. The tournament itself set an all-time record for goal-scoring, including the highest average goals scored per game. Returning to the international soccer scene with a victory helped Germans find some new confidence as just four years earlier, Germany had still been banned from the games along with Japan.

Making the game especially ificant was the first-time qualification of East Germany, though they did not continue past the Group Stage. It was also the first year that a player was sent off with a red card since its introduction to the tumblr german girls, given to Chilean player Carlos Caszely during a match between Chile and West Germany. With Italy as the host country, West Germany took home their third World Cup title and entered for the final time as a divided nation, with being a groundbreaking or wall breaking?

It was also the last year for the teams from the Soviet Union, Romania, Czechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia before the end of the Cold War in We are not counting wrong— this was not victory for Germany, though still a decent 3rd position. This year is however worth mentioning because Germany hosted the World Cup for the second time after Never will we all forget the Brazil-Germany game where if you took a bathroom break, you missed minimally two goals from the German team, ending in a German win of So what are we looking at for ?

Well, as super-fans we are obligated to remain blissfully optimistic. But since he tragically passed away, we have to turn to YOU. Tell us in the comments who you are rooting for! Germans, too, ponder certain American norms. Originally posted by all-about-friends. Unless details are given, it might just be a friendly way of saying goodbye. Originally posted by imightbeacoffeesnob. Originally posted by districtsonfire. Dinner in Germany is typically something smaller—oftentimes bread and spre, i.

Lunch is the heavy meal and Germans believe that gives the body enough time to digest. Originally posted by theshadowytiger. Originally posted by fyspringfield. Originally posted by haidaspicciare. Tempo is God in Germany. Rivaling the American obsession with the ply-count of toilet paper, Germans use tissues that are like pillow cases for your nose and come in handy packs you keep on your person. Originally posted by daynightnya.

What is a foot even? Or a yard? From an outside perspective, this just seems like more work than converting to the metric system. Originally posted by lipstick-mother-fucker. It seems like a bigger challenge not to get an award in the States. An award just for showing up seems like a kick in the shins to those who really tried. We all have them. The obvious differences are that courses are, generally, conducted in German. But there a few less obvious things to consider when trying to study full time abroad. Originally posted by mxcq. Inall 16 German states had officially gotten rid of tuition fees.

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