Trials in tainted space christmas

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That is somehow lewed but also adorable. The cowgirl one ive triggered but only with the sleep fapnea machine off. Came to see if I could find out the other one xD. I love how as soon as I asked this it happened. Save to File works though. Saving to file works but saving in the window freezes up my browser. The relevant setting is dom.

Is it inside Firefox trials in tainted space christmas is it a file that I have to modify in the Firefox folder or something? After you take out Dr. After that, you go in the ship and you should find them easy. Go through all her talk options, wait 24 hours, then do it again, there will be some dialogue variations and her sex option should open up.

Also another lil question: is there at least a slight possibility that some other entries from the thread will be put into the game as well? Not seeing any interaction beyond talking and hugging, and couldnt find anything in the patches or forums. Fyi, start Quaelle preg by talking to her, all three topics. Come back 24 hours later. Please report any bugs. Have you hugged her at all before?

Dont know if something is wrong, but when I play the public in window on my laptop it says its 0. Issa random event I believe. I was on Zheng Shi when she procced. Um the Android version seems to be broken. Then why does it say that before she gives the player oral they have to do something else first in bold letters since she talks about his being a vegetarian and how she would get a tummy ache. There may eventually be a way, but it is currently not written. It would require plant based cum. Not sure if or when Nonesuch plans to write it.

Maybe someday. Sorry for the confusion. After a little while I can select things again but trying to use a slot just yields the same ad infinitum. It is being written right now. I have volunteered to do the coding. It will take a while though because preg content will be done for all laquines in the game. Will also be completing the laquine tf. Kelly included? I remember her saying she takes contraception seriously, so getting preggered by her would probably entail talking her into it. Especially kelly even.

Thank you so much for all the bunny work!

Especially the LDC. Lil bun boy with a dick he has to heft over his shoulder to walk! OBP Kelly, not Kally.

The cow dream was easy given you just go to New Texas…. The Krissy encounter was pretty amazing, would love to see either more of her or more content like that. Great job! A day late and a dollar short, but… I hope everyone at Fenoxo Co. I will also preemptively wish you all to have a Hippy Blue Ear as well. Finally got the dream sequence but its definitely not great. I made a female character and it made dream her a guy…. Got knocked out or lusted out, cant remember, and the Varm ate some credits.

Then someone came to save me?

Luna or something? And I woke up on the snow planet with Hana as if I had froze to much and was rescued. Did you somehow move your character out of Uveto at some point? If so, the attached cold status effect was not purged properly and probably knocked the character out, resulting in the rescue.

Please fix the android phone patch soon, i really want to see the new xmas content before time is up. Sorry for nagging about this. Currently sterile iirc. Will need a quest to unbimbofy her some and make her fertile. Love this update! Thanks for all your hard work and I hope you manage to catch a break over the holidays. There seems to be a ton of pictures of her in varying states of pregnancy and breast growth both of which are great things But there seems to be no way to access it in the game so far.

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Fenoxo's Blog. Encounter Krissy the reindeer girl, stuck away from her home after a Christmas Party. Are you a bad enough dude to give her a ride home? I wrote this one! Various typo fixes and such.

You can face off with the Shock Hopper and L. New Event: Showering with Paige. New Expansion: Pregnancy for Quaelle. New Option: Naming pet varmints. New Option: Penny bimbofication and turning in Dr. Probably some other stuff I forgot! Next Post. Post. December 24, at pm. January 1, at am. Kaz says:. Danny says:. Scotsman89 says:.

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Trials in tainted space christmas

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