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As a tech specialist, your abilities would rely heavily on your intelligence and aim. The life of a tech specialist is one of profit through smart decisions and superior technology. When choosing the special ability perks, Steele may attain abilities that fall under two specific themes to define the player's play style.

Enhanced Dampeners decreases Shield weaknesses. Attack Drone also gives a bonus to damage equal to Level to found or bought drones. If Shields are depleted, the Drone will not function until Shields are restored above 0. Using a Drone Accessory will remove the 3 bonus Shields per Level.

Overcharge damage multiplier is 1. If attacker also has Heroic Reserves, multiplier is 2x. Charge Weapon gives bonus Electric damage equal to Intelligence for the encounter for 15 Energy. Also gives one attack when activated, which does not stack with Second Attack. Gun Tweaks and Weapon Tweaks only applies to base weapon damage, not bonus damage from Aim or Physique.

The Fuck Sense Perk changes most of the Tech Specialists intelligence based effects to use libido in place of intelligence. The bonus attack provided by Second Attack and Second Shot do not have an accuracy reduction if the weapon used has the "Bonus Hit Rate" flag. From Trials in Tainted Space Wiki. : Character classes Pre-Java Script conversion. menu Personal tools Log in. Namespaces Discussion. Views Read View source View history.

Grants your shield generator an additional 2 points of shield protection per level. Grants the ability to briefly overload your shield emitter. The burst shocks any enemies in close proximity, freeing you from grapples for a small energy cost. Raises your maximum energy reserves by 33, allowing you to use more special attacks before tiring. Paralyzing Shock Starter Ability.

An attack that allows you to paralyze a single foe.

Characters with higher intelligence will have greater success using this skill. Grants an attack drone that will automatically fire on your enemies every combat round as long as your shields are up. The drone will also bolster your shields with its own, raising your maximum shielding by three points per level. Grants acquired drones more damage. Grants a further increase to your shield generator, providing an additional eight points of protection per level.

If the target's shields have been depleted, the shot may stun the target. Requires an energy weapon. Grants the ability to charge your melee weapon with electricity for even deadlier strikes! Grants the ability to restore a moderate amount of shielding and 33 energy once per combat. Grants the ability to restore a moderate amount of shielding and 40 energy over four combat rounds once per combat.

Grants the ability to deal Burning damage to your foes. Deals higher base damage than Gravidic Disruptor, but some enemies may be resistant to Burning damage. Allows you to infuse your shield with a destructive electrical charge that can blind your foes when struck or damage melee attackers. Costs 15 energy and expires after being triggered twice. Allows you to spend 25 energy to hack an enemy's shield, dealing very high shield damage. Allows you to make a second, low-accuracy attack whenever you perform a melee attack. Allows you to make a second, low-accuracy attack whenever you shoot a ranged weapon.

Boosts the amount of electrical current used for Paralyzing Shock, allowing it to do a moderate amount of electrical damage on top of the stun effect. Enhances your gravidic and thermal charges' damage, and also provides secondary effects. Gravidic charge leaves a lingering field that reduces all kinetic damage dealt for three rounds. Thermal charge has a chance of lighting your foes on fire.

Trials in tainted space best build

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