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More information. Select a membership level. About TLG Game. A Project. This is a work of passion, spanning multiple months of planning, writing, rendering, and multiple reworks until I achieved something that I'm truly happy with. Why should I support you?

Your support would mean the world to me, as it will be a source of motivation and more funds will allow me to get assets, music, and also hopefully in the future, hiring another people to do other aspects of the game while I can sit down and tlg games on the story and characters. This is especially important since I'm not able to do everything in a satisfying quality at once. I wanted to purchase quality music and get people to help me with certain aspects that I'm not good in mainly programming and animation.

With your help, I will be able to deliver something that's way better that I could ever do alone. Thank you again for visiting my ! Full-time work on the project. The current release schedule is long since working on the project takes a lot of time. I couldn't give as much time and dedication to this project as it currently stands.

But, with a full-time focus, I will be able to provide updates at a much faster pace with higher quality.

The money earned will be directed to getting a better rig so I can make and finish more complex scenes with fewer hiccups. There's a lot of difficulty in assembling complex scenes, and I find myself having to cut a lot of scenes because of my rig limitations.

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Tlg games

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