These nights in cairo

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These Nights In Cairo is an otome game developed by Salamandra The original version of this game is in Russian since the developer is a Russian before translated to English. After the new update which unfortunately make my save corrupted and unopenable is that even a wordthe translation quality have improve tremendously thought there still some grammatical error I discover. Anyway, set these nights in cairo the yearwe embark on a journey to Cairo where we play as a Londoner by the name of Margaret Dawson who happen to have deep love for archaeology. Her trip there seems like a dream come true but little does she know… something deathly is closing in on her.

So welcome to the world of Ancient Egypt well sort off… here we have ancient Egypt as background and mummy threatening us and the whole world. Despite given tittle as These Nights In Cairo, our courageous red haired protagonist Margaret actually spend more time in the dessert or more precisely Saqqara. However since Saqqara literally refer to as ancient tomb I can see why this game are not given tittle These Night In Saqqara instead. Who on Earth will actually think a tomb as romantic? Well there are but not many….

This red hair beauty know what she wants and she want to be archaeology. Despite what women are expected to do during her time which usually mean marriage especially in the these nights in cairo society, she struggle to fight her destiny and archive her dream.

She face the biggest obstacle by her own father who view her as naughty child and someone who carve attention. She is suppose to married some Lord called Wismy in order to save her brother from debt. Which she greatly thought unfair.

Margaret can be reckless and adventures. There are 3 romantic interest in this game which is all man. At first I thought you can also romance the Priestess until I actually play this game and discover the best you can do is to become her sister. Probably for some fan service. So there you have it, 3 romantic interest and 2 sexy time available to unlock. Duncan Mackenzie is a Scotland adventures hired by Mr. Dawson to act as bodyguard especially for Margaret. Duncan is the flirtatious, friendly funny guy with dangerous air… thought what bother me most is how his sprite look. Despite his feminine look… I actually think he really resemble Michael Jackson.

These nights in cairo

Despite my own feelings, I think Duncan is the main hero for this story. He is like suppose to be the main guy if you know what I mean. He is rather a silent man and not much a conversionalist. Despite his look, Amin is a believer of true love. He wish to be married because of love not an arrange one. He even when as far to break his engagement with his fiancee which unfortunately end really badly and cause him to have bad relationship with the Priestess. Ramessus is the evil pharaoh that have cause misery and death during his reign.

He is the antagonist of this story and yes you can romance him. Thought romancing him always end up you betraying your family and losing yourself which I can hardly call good end. Ramessus is immortal being that called himself as god. He makes deal with Goddess Sekhmet which also vye as The Goddess of War for his immortality and means to return back in times of his reign.

To be honest I like his sprite de the most thought his personality um not so much. He is really ambitious and will do anything to get what these nights in cairo wants including murder. Surprisingly he also has talent in architecture.

His similar family trouble with Margaret somehow give Margaret chance to understand him better. However his ruthless nature repel Margaret most of the time. Along the journey, Margaret encounter various character that either stand in her way or help her save the world. Richard Dawson is an arrogant man that only believe in his own opinion.

He also a really reckless man who always belittle Margaret. I hate him. He is a really pitiful man. If only Richard listen to him. He at least acknowledge Margaret passion for archaeology. Farukh is the director of museum.

These nights in cairo

He love ancient Egyptian and will do anything for a chance to see it even if it means the end of the world. He actually harbor secret admiration to Margaret and at one point almost rape Margaret.

These nights in cairo

Yep, I hate him. I like the sprite de. I especially like Margaret sprite when she wear Egyptian clothes. I am not sure if he look handsome… rugged yeah but actually not much of my taste. Ramessus actually look a bit feminine with that long hair but among all 3 of them, I rather prefer how he looks. Solaris for a girl she actually look manly.

For the CG… there some image that the body proportion seem weird but most of them look nice and beautiful in my eyes. There are lots of cg available and each choice can lead to different cg. Thought I must say the artist really fond of side images. You can view those images again in the gallery. There also gallery for fan images provided in this game.

Now lets look at the story. This game is actually short. I manage to find all ending in approximately 8 hours and I afk quite a lot. I like the setting and timeline set.

These nights in cairo

Thought things move quite fast. If my estimation correct, everything in this game happen in a week. So if you expect deep romance where they connect heart to heart then you will be disappointed. It takes only for 2 or 3 meeting for Margaret to fall deeply in love. The game is pretty straight forward. Thought when your love point to one character is high enough, the rest love option with another love interest will be block with scene where Margaret wish for the one she loves by her side. Of course the skip option really help.

About 11 Bad End including dean end and about 7 good ending. Well in short you can enjoy yourself looking for those end. Some ending need you to do certain choice in order to get them. Have fun discovering them all. I mention earlier about about how the translation quality improve so much after the latest update. In conclusion, I enjoy this game. The developer have done so much in creating this game and it deserves to be play and enjoy.

These nights in cairo

This game is available in Steam as I mention before in both English and Russian. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google. You are commenting using your Twitter. You are commenting using your Facebook. Notify me of new comments via. Notify me of new posts via. Well there are but not many… Now lets look at the character. I actually like our protagonist Margaret Dawson.

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These nights in cairo

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