The game sex tale

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It is no secret that gamers are some of the horniest creatures on the planet. For every easily moddable game, there are mods to make the characters in the game fully nude. In the free market, when people see demand they create supply, and when game developers saw horny gamers, they decided to make horny games.

Our story begins in the distant past, in a time equally as close to the end of World War II as it is to now: It also begins with a plucky young man named Charles Benton.

Benton had an idea. An extremely horny idea.

Imagine a text-based video game for the Apple II where you used a series of commands to try and find items to help you bone down with three women. Pictured: Sensuality, a computer, and a waiter in a jacuzzi for some reason. Hooray for 80s sexism! In this steaming pile of actual turds, you played as a nude General Custer with a visible erection, overcoming arrow attacks in the pursuit of trying to rape a Native American woman.

Yes, you read that correctly. Pictured: What happens when everyone involved in a project has a hole in their brain.

Just kidding. The Leisure Suit Larry series oh yes, there were a bunch, the latest was released in saw you play as Larry Laffera something-year-old virgin who would be a lothario if he ever managed to have sex. The games were definitely meant to be more funny than they were sexy, but you bet your ass a lot of people were playing them just praying to see a brief glimpse of a hot babe rendered in sweet, sweet CGA graphics.

Horniness came back in the s though, and in a big way. Keen to give it a bash? This might seem like the opposite of sexy, but I am willing to bet actual currency that people out their were turned on by the ecstatic Simlish whooping their euphoric sims let loose. Pictured: Pour one out for the teens who learnt about sex this way. Already registered? here. Wanna be remembered? Thanks for ing up! Load more articles There are no more articles to be viewed Loading.

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The game sex tale

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the game sex tale