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Thank you so much for playing and offering detailed feedback. Many great insights. I am still putting out more features, there will be answers for many of these worries. And you are on point on the benefits from increased relationship level and traits.

Tenticles thrive

That one I am still tweaking a bit. But stay tune! Then again, I'll address a point made on the review by Untamed Tenticles thrive Sophung about. The game is a bit confusing initially after the end of prologue. Perhaps it would be good to expand "Knowledge" feature with another "Step by step" feature for players who prefer more detailed tutorials. Also, at the start, after Lilith gets banished, perhaps a dialogue option to show or not show tips.

Every heart takes 3 sec to consume, while its' spawn time is 16 secs. I agree that it's power is quite strong, but definitely not worth 6 hearts, since it requires Cirrus to get damaged first and so, the speed buff is shorthanded. As far as I've seen, all enemies have 1 or 2 heart cost on their abilities and they are quite powerful for such a low cost. The monsters present in Secret Garden would be vaguely described at start, but others would be "Unknown", then "Unidentified" once terrain is scouted, then a name and picture appears once Lilith encounters them. Then its lore and battle characteristics would be expanded upon bonding, as Lilith gains more insight about that particular species perhaps bonding with certain species would actually unlock special power for the entire species?

The ones not introduced yet into the game would better be named "Absent". For this, I propose expanding battle stats in Encyclopedia by "Prey" enemy hard countered by a monster and "Nemesis" enemy that hard counters a monster - which would be updated once that monster encounters its prey or nemesis in battle. I imagine it coupling it with Encyclopedia idea above as follows: Upon entering an unscouted region, you have no outliners - you have to scout it first. Then, after scouting, an outline appears where an unidentified or identified if already encountered was spotted with an overlaying text "Unidentified Tentacle Monster spotted in this area", then after identifying a monster, its image and name appears within the outline.

If you scout when already having the monster encountered before, an image and name appears immediately, without the "unidentified" message. Perhaps it would be better to restrict "Explore" feature to owned regions. I know that they contain more powerful monsters which actually are vital tenticles thrive defeating ed enemy armies, so perhaps those regions could have smaller enemy population to give player an easier start.

The game usually couples one species with another that I want solo or moves a defensive unit into backline, making my offensive ones take the brunt of attack. It would be a lot better if player could as monsters to squ manually. Perhaps an expansion upon Royal Army tab? Like you are at Royal Army and in the bottom left corner you have a "Squ" button. Or if a player wants auto squad asment, there'd be a toggle that would enable or tenticles thrive out "Squ" tab. The way I try to de it is bit inspired by dota, in terms of risk management.

I want a species to be viable in only a certain situation. Some abilities are somewhat unstoppable when the condition is right. I need to make sure it costs a bit or else it would be a solution for everything.

Tenticles thrive

I still intend to do it after we have enough features introduced. I want to keep it as an unlockable feature though.

Tenticles thrive

Actually, I thought about a little expansion to 12 : after scouting, outliners would not be shown as well. However, on a strategic map, you'd get an "Unidentified monster spotted". Then, you could explore the region since only Secret Garden monsters would initially be in encyclopedia, Tenticles thrive does not know which part of the region a monster inhabitsthus no outliners - or perhaps just outliners without any information.

Once Lilith found a skin an outliner would show up with text "Unidentified Tentacle Monster confirmed in this area". If she experienced an encounter first, the image and name would immediately appear. About 10 : yes, it is feasible. However, for a monster that does show up late and has a tendency to match other monsters in squad at least in my playthroughswhich prolongs its appearance even more, and the cost of 6 hearts Especially considering its basic combat value which is at comparable level with enemy tier 1 monsters - as far as I remember, an arthropod locust-looking monster, which is T1, still beats Cirrus, which is not only T4, but also of the same class.

I don't play dota I once or twice managed to feed that Cirrus all 6 hearts, but they turned up to be a waste of resource, since well - the bonus is not only costly, but like I wrote before also short-handed. I think there are stronger rewards that cost less, like atk speed tenticles thrive on Scrapper that costs mere 2 hearts. Does almost the same, but doesn't need your monster to be low on health. Actually, there is a champion in LoL, Olaf, that has a passive very similar to Cirrus atk speed based on missing health - tenticles thrive me, if they added a highly risky timed quest to activate it, he'd be completely unplayable.

In my opinion, an ability like this is worth 4 hearts tops. Bottom line, this monster is highly risky with a far too weak reward to back up the risk. If it also decreased damage received based on missing health, now that would be worth Still not 6. Remember that software already has an advantage over player in terms of reacting to the fact that it already has an another heart to feed the army. Tell you what. Try to add a unit with the same characteristics and power and cost in an enemy army. And let's see if the computer actually uses it and, as it would be forced to play at least some of these units, if it can win.

Because in terms of economy and stats comparison, the machine will always be better - we can only estimate, they work on exact values Ok, if I sit down, and write the stats down before I hit "Battle", I can probably do the same, but that would take another minutes to calculate, which I'd much rather spend watching some tentacle making love to Lilith :D. Bottom line, the machine will always take the most efficient way to use its units.

Tenticles thrive

In other way, it will have already tested all possible combinations and chosen the one that takes it closest to victory. Since, if it does not arm a Cirrus-like unit with heart upgrade, it means it's not worth the resource. My 8-strong army is destroying their strong armies at first attempt XD. BTW: What does actually Agility stand for? Because in current release, though attack and HP are self explanatory, agility is not explained.

Tenticles thrive

Atk speed? Chance to dodge an attack? If so, then I suggest allowing player to garrison regions with monsters from the pool, with max capacity equal to max capacity of Royal Army or perhaps a different cap based on nest upgrades? Garrisons would fend for themselves eg, would not constitute a drain upon player's food supply and if territory is invaded, a battle between AIs would occur in the background player will only get notified of result. If there is tenticles thrive garrison, enemy attack would automatically trigger a manual battle between invaders and Royal Army monsters in Royal Army would not lose stamina during defense.

Tentacles would gain 1. Class: Speed Habitat: Mountains also considering something new: Adaptive-Migrational Appearance: Slightly resembles a lizard-cat hybrid, silvery or dark-gray hue and emerald-green eyes.

Tenticles thrive

Membranous tail and lots of small tentacles and one big on its back. Cost: 3 hearts. Spawn time: 9 sec Mating behavior: Vaginal. Methodical, distrustful attitude changes along the course of bonding. Ties Lilith tenticles thrive with small tentacles across belly and neck, then mates her with the big one. Its mating tendril secretes endodermal absorbing euphoric, granting females an intense sensual experience. Haha thank you for the awesome suggestions.

Allow me to keep it short so I can rush out the new update. Some could provide crazy sustain and render some situation difficult to balance. Tiers represent mainly their strength in battle effects. It is used for calculating miss chance. I will put this in battle tips. I will keep them in mind. What I wish more is some mating pose ideas. Well, already bursting with a lot of new suggestions, but since you stated you're quite busy bringing up a new version, I'll just expand upon 18 and partly on You probably noticed that Adaptive-Migratory habitat suggestion.

So actually encountering them would be quite much based on luck. Owned and garrisoned territories would help a bit in that regard, as you would get a message about a ly not encountered species having been spotted in the region. In that term there could be a typical habitat followed by Migratory flag - if a monster preferred certain habitats. Or Adaptive if a monster could be encountered in any habitat in the region. When you rest, an Adaptive-Migratory monster might just as well switch region as habitat within a region.

This percentage would vary upon monster species which would help make more powerful monsters more rare. I tenticles thrive like that picture of Lilith laying on the ground, cum-covered after the encounter in Prologue. Perhaps you could include it to every encounter? Plus a bit expanded version with Lilith laying alongside the monster for the final line of further bondings. That would be I'm also a little disappointed tenticles thrive no narrative for first encounters with other species - they definitely should be there.

For what I've seen the first bonding narrative actually has "encounter" flag where text is not applied yet, so maybe there's an error causing it to appear on bonding instead of first encounter. I could definitely help out with this, being a think tank kind of person. Also with narratives and graphics. Perhaps I could the team? Log in Register. Indie game store Free games Fun games Horror games. Master Nono 2 years ago. Then again, I'll address a point made on the review by Untamed Brave Sophung about - 9 tutorials. EDIT: - 14 Automatic squad asment is bad.

Master Nono 2 years ago 2 edits. I am seriously considering them.

Tenticles thrive

Thank you for the awesome suggestions and feedback again. EDIT: - 16 Garrisons: Since every time I use "Rest" feature, I get message saying that enemies might make their move, I conclude that in future versions enemies will be able to reconquer territories, right? And well, about that: What I wish more is some mating pose ideas. UntamedGaming99 72 days ago.

Tenticles thrive

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