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By kazenadamaMay 13, 32, 54 6. OP kazenadama Member. Level 2. ed: May 13, Messages: 19 Country:. Hey all, I know how doomed this game has been since A0 dropped it, and that this is a long stretch. I know a group of people who are willing to translate the game and do whatever means necessary to bring this game to English.

Our problem--we lack a skilled hacker and programmer, and PS2 Tales are quite notorious for their weird formats. Because of this, it's beyond our ability to hack the game and create a patch. We are looking for a starting point in the hacking side of things. Whether it's someone who has interest in doing it and taking up the task, or who can at least give us some starting advice.

None of us are savvy when it comes to programming, so at this point, anything at all would be helpful! Our potential project members are passionate fans of Tales who love Destiny DC and other unlocalized Tales games, and have worked on various small scale translation projects for Tales in the past. We'd love to see this game make it to a Western audience, and are really hoping to start somewhere with it!

Please reach out to us if you are interested! We will show off progress when we are able to, and we are excited to make this a reality. Please stay tuned! Last edited by kazenadamaFeb 16, Kennosuke88RisingPhoenix05raze and 3 others like this. Last edited by kazenadamaMay 18, Deleted User likes this.

ed: Sep 15, Messages: 4 Country:. Did you have try to contact some people from absolute zero discord dude? I wouldn't have had to make this post if Absolute Zero was any help. They won't share their tools or any progress they've made on DC--and they've made their stance clear that they don't think Tales needs fan translations anymore. So we have no choice but to start from scratch. On a small update however, we may have at least had some luck with getting scenario text extracted, but are still very much troubleshooting things. Last edited by kazenadamaJun 11, I'm aware of them--but unfortunately they are also not viable options at the moment.

I appreciate you trying to help out though. We're still figuring stuff out, but hopefully I can have a more concrete update on the status of things later. TheToaster and Deleted User like this. I'm Indonesian but i really love the game maybe i can help in some editing translation phase or beta tester, i really wanna help you even just a little thing.

Hope you can make our dream come true my brother. I'll keep that in mind for when we reach that point and talk to the le about it! Bornofdreamers Member. Level 3. ed: Nov 27, Messages: 24 Country:. It's great to hear this has been picked tales of destiny remake english by someone. Sad that Omega Tempest can't help, they seemed very adamant about creating a translation for this, wonder what happened, I also noticed they removed the youtube videos they created of the translation for this game.

I'm involved in game development and would be happy to help if theres anything I can do, let me know. Hey, sorry for the late response I read this but didn't realize I forgot to respond, sorry! Unfortunately I'm not sure what happened with OmegaTempest. As for your offer, are you savvy with any kind of programming? We could use any kind of help trying to use the tools a Russian team provided for text extraction and re-insertation, and if anyone can make progress with those, it would tales of destiny remake english very welcome.

As we get further along, we will be able to specify in what areas exactly we'll need more help. But for now, out first priority is finding someone who can help with the text. Can I ask what skills from your game development knowledge that you think might be able to help with hacking and or helping with the patch? We'd love to have more hands on board when it's time, and would definitely appreciate some knowledge in the field.

I'll keep this in mind for the future. If you think you can help with ripping scripts and the re-insertation part, then feel free to DM me now. Last edited by kazenadamaJul 5, ed: Aug 6, Messages: 33 Country:. Level 1. ed: Aug 14, Messages: 1 Country:.

One question: Has anyone tried to reach out to BamCo in any capacity to tell them about the interest of the fans for a ToD remake translation? They're really listening to fans in the last few years and bringing quite a lot of stuff overseas. I think this is super worth it. ed: Jan 21, Messages: 2 Country:. I'm sure some people have. But I don't think 2d localizations are a high priority for them as of this moment.

To my knowledge, they haven't brought an English version of any 2D game over since they moved to 3d games. ed: Oct 10, Messages: 2 Country:. So Kazen has their been any progress? I'm willing to help out is there a way I can reach you perhaps? I'll also send you a DM but I don't check that much on here.

Like raze mentioned, there are definitely a lot of us who reach out to bamco when the opportunity arises to bring the 2D games over. However, they are a hard sell in this day and age Unless a remaster happens, I don't see it happening. Even then, there's no guarantee. As far as progress, none to really update yet.

We're still having people try various things with the tools to get the text properly. Once we pass this hurdle, I will be able to give an update and more clear answers on how things stand. Until then, I'm sorry there's not much to report. But we will try our best to make it a reality. GBAtemp Patron. Level ed: Feb 14, Messages: 2, Country:. I really hope the community can get this project going.

I know there were some attempts but those were either left alone or canned. The one from DC looks alot more appealing. Wish I could help somehow but I sadly lack any skills for those sorts things. Last edited by Justinde75Sep 12, ed: Sep 13, Messages: 1 Country:.

After extracting the DAT. Finally got them to unpack. Deleted User and kazenadama like this. RisingPhoenix05 Newbie. ed: Sep 24, Messages: 1 Country:. I'm a programming major in college, and I'd love to try my hand at this because I love the series and I remembered the hype I had around Absolute Zero back in the day, as well as the Tales of Vesperia PS3 patch.

I would love to learn how to use these tools posted. I may not be competent enough yet, but I'd love to participate in the multiple endeavors on this site. ed: Nov 6, Messages: 1 Country:. Complete newbie here just like the user from above. I am, for my own assessment, not competent in doing low-level programming but I am willing to learn given I learn what direction I need to focus on.

PS: Really love this game and I finished the PS1 version with friends a long time ago plus tales of eternia and I think its time I give back to the community for the fun I had with english-patched games I've played before. Show Ignored Content. Draft saved Draft deleted. Rune Factory 5 English patch possibility? Replies: 1 Views: Replies: 84 Views: 62, BungeeCat Jul 8, Replies: 11 Views: 1, Ghost92 Jul 21, at PM.

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Tales of destiny remake english

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