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Briton New Contributor. Sep 27, 32 2 4 Note: The wizard is just for getting started, users can continue to add to their collection throughout the browsing experience either entering details manually or clicking the heart icon as they stumble. When logged in, the home screen would show user created groups based on like-minded interests. Inside the groups would be videos, photos, forums, etc.

I foresee 3 ways to monetize this service: 1. -Up income from adult affiliate programs when a user decides stumbleupon adult pay for a subscription on a site we get a cut of the profit. Targeted advertising revenue. Of course only advertising sites we have affiliate deals worked out with will be allowed to be displayed. Monthly fee for viewing amateur homemade submitted home videos similar to Xtube. Note: All adult sites, stumbleupon adult home videos must go through approval process before going live.

Please leave comment explaining why or why not this would not work. Thank you. Read Millionaire Fastlane. Speedway Pass. Jan 19, 3, 10, 2, Not a bad idea, might work. I wouldnt use it. Very hard to monetize. Click to expand Oct 13, 1, Connecticut. I wouldn't use it. Big free sites like Xvideo I don't envision a demand. If you are going to go the porn route Master of one Well I'm not here to profit off that Instead, I'd like offer them something greater Meaning even those who don't charge for their tube vids will receive paychecks.

Esquire said:. AlterJoule Busy Working. Aug 7, If I were interested in starting something in the adult arena I'd start an adult version of fiverr. Selling adult related items, reading off risque scripts, erotic art, whatever it is that you can think of that fiverr won't allow.

Take a cut just like fiverr does. They have fiverr scripts all over for like bucks. Off topic I know. Anyway, Goodluck. Thats a pretty cool idea really like it and it would be a lot more affordable to invest. AlterJoule said:. Briton said:. I don't have to go down the porn route, I was just looking for an industry with relevance so I didn't spend money and time for something stumbleupon adult would be worthless when I was done.

Sep 29, 4, 14, 2, Near San Diego. I wouldn't want to be in that database. You wouldn't have too, all xtubers would have to agree first. No judgment.

Some people around here are probably successful in that area. I'd rather stumbleupon adult a porn site than one. Aug 19, I heard from my uncle's friend's older brother's cat that most porn users don't really go into a site thinking "I wonder what's new today? You usually go in knowing, then get out after about 10 minutes average time on a porn site based on research done by PornHub. It's not a personal porn site, its a way to discover interest related sites. I was just listening to that voice in my head Yasai Bronze Contributor.

Aug 26, 69 Let the market decide if they like it or not. Or discard it altogether. I'd say give it a whirl. Sounds like a good idea to me, since I already like "stumbleupon.

Like showing me books that are similar to what I already like yet still different in a good way huh Summit Attendee.

Stumbleupon adult

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Do you use StumbleUpon? You may be considered “adult” content.