Small cuckold tumblr

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Speedo SPH humiliation! Choose the bathsuit that would reveal his small penis the most and that if he had courage, he should have worn a speedo. Wear to him speedo which was revealing his tiny bulge. What you see? He had a rather impressive bulge in his navy blue speedo. What you have here. Oh, baby boy bulge!

My wife giving me a handy and then becoming bored because of the size of my cock and quits. I had to finish it myself.

Ask him direct questions and engage him in a cock discussion: When you see a guy whose cock is soft but still much longer and thicker than yours ever gets hard, how do you feel? Posts Archive. You might be a cuckold husband if ….

Start the spanking session by slightly cupping your hands and lightly hitting each buttock one at a time, always targeting the fleshy, middle part of his butt. A good way to gauge how hard you should spank is to watch your husbands reaction. But if he tells you to spank him harder, by all means go for it.

Gently rub the skin after every few strokes. Rubbing creates a more sensual vibe, increases blood flow, and allows your partner to take the next stroke with more ease. Lightly scratch the buttocks with your fingernails after you rub them to boost arousal. The ice is soothing — but the slick surface will make your next smack sting even more!

Try different positions while spanking.

Making him bend down and touch his toes creates a taut bottom, rendering the sting of your hand much more powerful! Have him bend over a chair or lay across the ottoman, use your imagination. Put him over your knee for some good old-fashioned fun! If the spanking is more punitive than foreplay, forget the above niceties and let him have it. Be sure to lecture him about what is causing the discipline while you are spanking as well. How to humiliate a guy with small penis humiliation.

Small cuckold tumblr

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