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Just yesterday, Sarah Kerrigan was a devoted soldier of Sons of Korhal and unquestionably followed every Arctur Mengsk's order. Who would have thought Mengsk still didn't forgive her for assasinating his father? Due to his plays and tricks, a secret operation on Tarsonis, the home of the Confederation, turned into a bloodbath caused by the Zerg and Sarah turned from a soldier to a prisoner But what seemed like a curse turned out to be a multitude of possibilities.

Possibilties to become stronger. To get revenge. To get some pleasure This is a story about Sarah Kerrigan's life journey, from a loyal soldier to the powerful and sexy Queen of Blades. We develop games on pure enthusiasm, with billions of ideas for the future and reasonable experience with games of this genre. Our dream is to create a game that becomes something more than just our hobby. We listen to our community and try to make the game engaging for everyone. Let's hope we succeed at that, shall we?

Log in with itch. We're working on an update, doing our best to get it out as soon as possible. I reached the part where Lizzara keeps saying that ass line and there's nothing else to do. Is this the end of update 0.

Are you sure you have the 0. If so, this must be the end of this update. The seventh day is the end. So I just started playing the game and I have no idea what to do after the first thing of dialogue, where your In the cage, idfk what to do. You can find the download link for the public version on Patreon: SlutCraft v0.

Hi, the release has finally happened, you can download it right now by becoming a patron of ours or wait 10 days when it will become publically available. Thank you for your patience! Hi, we never have time to help everyone, but we try to! We recommend you to our Discord server where you will get an answer to your questions the fastest, it also has the latest information! We'll be waiting for you! Yes, that's the end of the current content. We recommend checking out the changelog if you're unsure if you've seen all an update has to offer.

However, we are thinking of a way to ify the end of content in chapter 3. Hey, i tried updating my game on android by clicking the downloaded file, but after installing it tells me that the app is not installed. Am i doing something wrong? I me when trying to talk to any character after Sarah sat on the thronethe game gives an error for all characters.

Yes, that's the end of that update, but 0.

In the future, we're going to introduce a system of hints so that it's easier to know when you've come to an end of an update. Hi, i just noticed that the bug minigame that shows up when you are getting spanked while being stuck on the wall doesnt show up on android. Whenever the minigame should show up, it just doesn't and the game acts like you won the minigame.

This would be all good slutcraft: heat of the sperm it wasn't for the fact that you get especial dialog if you fail the spanking game at the first spank, and another special dialog if you endure the 10 spanks just to fail on the very last one which is my preferred way to do itbut it's not possible to do it on android. Greatttt game. Im not good with computers so i need a lil help. Thanks and keep up the good work. Anyway, to import saves you'd first need to export them which can be done by clicking on the three lines in top left of the game window on the website at any point.

After that, you need to open the downloaded archive and extract the files from the folder inside it into the 'saves' folder in the 'game' folder of the copy of SlutCraft you've downloaded. Amazing game! I'm stuck in the main room and I can't call Stukov via the button. It says that he planned all this. Anyway, I finished all the available scenes for level 9 but one, which I can get by training with him. Obviously thats not possible so the last tiny bit of experience is missing.

All I can do is repeat the last level of the spanking tree. I missed out on so much because of this. Can't wait for version 0. It seems i stuck on Sport is life level 1. I did everything that came to mind and nothing changed. What should i do to finish this quest? Thank Shadow Portal this is a really really interesting game i loved playing it, i only have one thing to say, can you please make the save menu icon a lil.

Bigger for Android it's really hard to press while saving the game. Thank you for your kind words! We are working on that already and it will be included in the next update. Thanks for creating nice game! I really love Kerrigan's Queen of Blades form. Will there be more hot scene for Queen of Blades in next update? Of course there will, there's going to be a lot of content with Queen of Blades, no less than with Sarah herself in this plot arc.

Yooo just wanna ask im done with the current version right?

I can't update the game anymore when i try to install the new version, it just fails to install at the end. EDIT: It seems like i will have to start over on pc, i wouldn't do this if the game weren't as good as it is. EDIT 2: is there a key to open the bottom left menu? I pressed every key i think and didn't find one, or is the mouse the only way to open it? Hi, sorry for the inconveniences, we are very flattered you speak of our game like that. Your android should not be an issue at all, Ren'Py supports Android 5 and up. Unfortunately, the menu button in the bottom-left is only accessible by clicking on it, there is no keyboard shortcut.

Ah, then i dunno why i can upgrade, i tried uninstalling the old version and installing the new one but the new one still doesn't install. I'm playing on pc now, and i'm almost where slutcraft: heat of the sperm was before, the scene guide button helps a lot.

I even saw stuff that didn't event know existed. I try but there's nothing in corner I just found button to see character stat and inventory. Its in this corner. Hello i have a problem i am at the lair and the brige i talked wit everyone but dont get further in the game what can i do. At day 34, she's naked because Saimon has told her to be naked for 3 days, and in this state she doesn't want to be seen by stukov, so I can't call him.

I've had her trained and exhausted her battery to zero.

But she still won't go to sleep. Hi, are you sure you are playing update 21 and not using an old save? That bug was fixed in update 21 and I personally checked that Sai'mon's route was working. But if you're using an old save, the bug probably stayed. How to start abathur route? I can't seem to start it? However if you want to start Abathur's route you just talk to Stukov about her training there's an option. Hi, thank you very much! There will be an update in February, but we don't set exact dates for obvious reasons.

You can find the freshest news about the game on our Patreon. Thank you! I'm really loving this slutcraft: heat of the sperm, everything is super well thought out and implemented in a very concise way. Keep up the amazing work! Can't wait to see where the next update takes us! I know you only published this game a couple weeks ago, but when is there going to be an update? I found this game on 'newgrounds' I think, it's been a while quite a few months ago when I played SC:2 religiously, but seeing this for how amazing it is now, brings a tear of nostalgia and joy to the eye.

Singular eye, I lost the other in the great meme war of Are you 18 years of age or older? Remember my setting for this browser. Yes, I am 18 or older or Return to itch. SlutCraft: Heat of the sperm. More information. Download Now Name your own price. Click download now to get access to the following files: SlutCraft [ver. Mac SlutCraft [ver. SlutCraft [ver. Mar 31, Jan 16, Jan 05, Dec 17, Aug 14, Jul 31, Comments Log in with itch. Sryimlame 1 day ago. Love the game When is the next update? Skankhunt 57 days ago.

Aiko 93 days ago. You need to inspect all of the objects in the room. SinC days ago. When will 0. LoneNLost days ago. Barburat days ago. When is the next release of the update? ShadowPortal days ago. When is the next release? Lilush days ago.

Slutcraft: heat of the sperm

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