Skyrim eyes misaligned

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Welcome to the AFK Mods bug tracker. Once you have followed the link the registration sent you, please select a project from the drop down menu below. Overview Search. Issue Data. This issue occurs both with and without eye texture mods for me. I was half hoping installing a texture mod would fix it, but evidently not. Here's a screen of my character after said thing has happened. My character is a nord with the gray eyes I also had this problem. I found that the shadow warrior perk was what was doing it to me. So I went into console and used player.

Then I've just been avoiding using invisibility potions. Then I reset my eyes in the showracemenu, and it hasn't happened again so far.

So unless you just can't live without the shadow warrior perk and invisibility potions I suggest you do this. Please reply if this doesn't work for you. Related Issues: VaultDuke said:. I know of three mods that address this bug, none of which offers an ideal solution.

Comment 1 Dec 2, am. NightStar said:. Related Issue duplicate. Comment 2 Jun 10, am Edited by Arthmoor on May 29, pm.

USKP Comment 3 Oct 26, pm. While there is no direct permission given on the modsthe mod actually just flips shaderflags, which imho are bethesda property anyway. Last but not least, flipping the decal flag will in conjunction with the environment flag switch also fix an underwater glitch, that the USKP core team currently was not able to reproduce just linking this to keep thing together.

Issue Whatever may crop up in the discussion s of the nexus mod may be helpful in deciding if and when to include this mod, I hope.

Comment 4 Nov 28, am Edited by Arthmoor on May 29, pm. Arthmoor said:. So this actually fixes the invisibility issue, properly? Comment 5 Jan 2, pm. Comment 6 Jan 10, pm. Comment 7 Jan 20, am. Siham said:. Comment 8 Jan 23, pm.

I am of the opinion that changing the environment mapping flag to the non eye version is not acceptable as a fix, at least where USKP is concerned. It changes the look of the eyes and possibly overrides or is overridden by umpteen face mods anyway. I would like to think that a real fix exists. Note: I am almost positive that the shader effect is somehow messing up the UVs because one can clearly see other parts of the texture where they do not belong. I have confirmed that the issue is not caused by basically any of the other flags or settings in the shader property such as UV scale, offset, the eye environment settings at the very bottom.

Nor are the tangent spaces, normals, or vertex colors to blame. Comment 9 Feb 4, pm.

I think at this point it's pretty obvious an acceptable solution for the patch cannot be found so I see no reason for this to remain open any longer. Comment 10 May 29, pm.

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Skyrim eyes misaligned

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