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This is the kind of shit you watch in the absolute darkness of your crumbling, fetid, studio apartment while you listen to the gunshots going on outside with glee. You have a hard-on for death. You love seeing people die. You want to see beheadings, brutal rapes, torture, bloodletting, massacres, and unspeakably taboo acts of vile sex. The sort of site that could ruin sites like kaotic way people look at you if they found out you jerked off to the shit here.

Even scat and piss porn can be explained away, but this kind of shit is beyond redemption. Established inthis wretched site has been housing uncensored videos for nearly 20 years now. And they let you know right away that there will be no shortage of blood-curdling content to watch. These guys boast that they are the biggest free file host for user-generated uncensored reality content.

Keep that shit in mind. Because that means that you could see anything here. Inbox requires anwhich is free to make. If you plan to chat with users, rate videos, or submit your own content, then go ahead and make an. It can be difficult to classify exactly where a systematic gang rape and execution falls in the great scheme of genres, but they seem to have a decent selection.

The home has a sliding row of trending videos up top. At the very bottom are a few boxes with recent uplo, latest comments, top users, and popular search tags. In a Row?! You get a still image from some point of the video. Usually something shocking and bloody. You also get a title, user who ed it, date ed, of comments, and of views. All you need, really.

Most are seconds to a few minutes long anyway. You can usually tell by looking at the user who ed the video, but it still pisses me off. Not a whole bunch, but enough to be annoying. The videos play quicky. On the video you can download it, favorite it, like it, or bin it. The downlo are straightforward. No external site or anything. You click on it and it takes you to a where you can save the video yourself. Another thing that bugged me was that the relo every time you replay a video.

That means more and more redirects. The mobile de is simple and easy to use. Previews run down the center of the two at a time. The video player is big enough to get every gruesome detail, and you have access to all of the same site features.

So, whip out your phone and capture some dude getting sites like kaotic over or robbed, then that shit right after it happens with ease. After all, nothing has meaning anyway. Why not jerk off to a video of some chick getting raped, gutted, and raped again? As long as it keeps you coming back for more. I like my gore with a side of titties. All of the porn here redirects you to other sites. I get that you need to make money, but y'all can be a lot less shady about it.

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Sites like kaotic

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