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She was a fragile year-old, too young to foresee the damage she says was done to her life by his predatory grip on her body and mind. Now a grown woman, Vanessa Springora is causing a literary, legal and cultural storm in France with her explosive tell-all book that alleges, in cutting detail, an underage and destructive sexual relationship with French writer Gabriel Matzneff, now in his eighties.

Yet for years, Matzneff was a frequent guest on French TV and radio. He was awarded a prestigious literary prize as recently as and honored by the French government with medals and an annual allowance.

But for the teenage Springora, Matzneff was the year-old for whom she developed sexen france schoolgirl crush after her mother, who worked in publishing, dragged her to a dinner party. There, she met and was bowled over by the writer who seemed to have eyes only for her. She alleges he then set about grooming her until he was habitually waiting at her school gates so he could take her away for sex in his flat or a hotel.

While he was away on a trip, she read his fetid descriptions of having sex with other children, works he had told her not to look at. They punctured her illusions that their relationship was a special romance. He was, in fact, what we are taught to fear from childhood: an ogre.

Many other prominent French figures — belatedly — now say likewise. For some, those changes included permissive attitudes to sex, even with minors.

It is shocking. Everyone looked the other way for years.

They include her mother, who knew of the relationship, her absentee father, the French police, and others. Child rights activists hope the outcry over her book could boost efforts to toughen child protections in France. For Springora, the book is her way of turning the tables and having the final word. This photo taken Thursday, Jan. The literary editor alleges that she had a destructive underage sexual relationship with feted French author Gabriel Matzneff, now in his eighties.

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Sexen france

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France’s #MeToo: Book on child-sex writer prompts outcry