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Intro: Did you miss me Gamers?

Why does that sound like it might be a new razor brand. Intro: Hello again my fellow gamers. Horny to one and all. That said; this is a story with…. Intro: Hello again my gaming friends. Romans, countrymen and otherwise. We can throw the potatoes…. Intro: Hello my fellow Ameri- Ahem, I mean gamers.

Dude, that was a close one. Kinda zoned out there for a moment, but stuck the landing. O Damn it… at any rate, this…. Intro: Hello all my beautiful, possibly wickedly twisted friends. And everybody that likes puppies and rainbows. Getting off. Not that hard a concept I…. Intro: Hello again my gaming aficionados. Hopefully it works….

Intro: Do you love me, do you love me; Do you love me, Do you love me… now, that I, got swoll? Play the game for five…. Oh well. So without too many reders, quips, quirks or puns,…. Hello Gamers, Wolfe here to help you navigate whether one mad hatter is worth the angry bag of cats his magical noggin-warmer can produce. This would peeve Neo… Impressions: The game is intriguing enough in story line and as….

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Sex games blog

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Sex games blog