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Silicon Lust is the first game of the Independent series. Silicon Lust is about a girl named Kira, who is stranded home alone at the onset of a global virus epidemic. Kira, who's normally a bit of a shut-in too, doesn't mind this extended holiday from her family, who are stuck at a holiday resort's airport.

She spends her days gaming, watching hentai, ordering takeout, spying on the neighbours, and turning down advances from neighbourhood hillbilly, Justin. One day, however, things take a turn for the stranger, as she receives a package. Is the strange creature haunting her real and is the strange behaviour people are exhibiting a symptom of the virus? The game starts out with Kira getting up from her bed, walk over to her bedroom window. Kira will say that she needs to find Binoculars.

Once in the kitchen go right into the loungeroom past the TV to the cabinet on the left side of the wall there will be a pair of binoculars. A new view will show and click on the binoculars. Go back to Kira's bedroom and look through her window into the neighbours house. You are now able to click on all windows of the neighbours house, however click on the neighbour to the left sitting on the deckchair.

After looking at both scenes Kira's view gets blocked by a van. Kira finds she receives a package. After the cinematic go school of lust wiki to Kira's room to her bedside table and grab the Item. Kira receives a phone call. Kira will have a conversation with her mom. Kira is reminded to feed the cat. Once done open the door next to the garage and go downstairs. Go back upstairs to the cat bowl and feed the cat. Kira will.

Go downstairs to the basement where you found the Cat food. Go to the projector in-front of the couch. Kira gets woken up by a smashed window go upstairs and check it out. Kira gets caught by intruders. Kira gets woken up by her Pizza delivery. Go the front door and interact with it. Go upstairs into Kira's bedroom and grab her Pizza card. Head back to the front door and grab the pizza. Kira gets interrupted again by Justin.

Head back upstairs into Kira's bedroom window. The lights will go out and Kira needs to find a torch. Go into Kira's bedroom and interact with her phone it is on the desk. Go down into the basement and to the door near the projector. Go to the fuse box and interact with the missing fuse.

Go upstairs to the kitchen turn right into the garage. Head upstairs to the right door opposing the bathroom and interact with the window. Go outside the master bedroom and then go up to the attic here you can look around the attic to find items and pictures. Go over to the left side and interact with the bench where the type writer is. Interact with the whale on the left side and box on the right for items.

After this scene you are placed back in the school. Here you find out that your female Neighbour is called Alice You will get a question about going over to her house or stay and be busy. Go over to the neighbours house through your front door. Go outside and talk to the cat. Justin asks you to get cards for him.

Go downstairs into the kitchen and grab beer from the fridge. Go back into Kira's room and interact with the Bedside table once more. Head down to the basement to grab Kiras Top which is on the couch. Her panties are under the TV counter.

Go upstairs again into Kira's Bedroom and pick up her phone. Look through the new messages. The Chronicles of Alexstrasza Wiki Explore. Popular s. Recent blog posts. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an ? Silicon Lust. History Talk 0. Kira Alice Albert Justin Jill. Universal Conquest Wiki.

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