School dreams 3 walkthrough

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What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not to read further. Walkthrough by Chris Davies I t is impossible to get every point in this game, and there are multiple "satisfactory" endings.

What follows is the path that I took to achieve school dreams 3 walkthrough favourite ending, and in the process score a good of the bonus points. First of all, remember to set "limits" to no limits on anything You have only a limited amount of time to get these daydreams right. In addition, there are some multi-part dreams -- if you get one and the girls are past the second B in "GoblinBoy", undo even if you haven't had this particular daydream, because you won't get all of it and you're wasting your time.

Johnson daydream until you get a bonus point, moving or undoing if she moves. Johnson and Mrs. Stevens together, then you've missed a daydream with Mrs. Stevens and will have to pick it up later from downstairs hallway: s. Johnson with Mrs. Stevens, then find Mrs.

Stevens and daydream until you do, moving or undoing if she moves from lower hallway; u. Alternate Endings You can get the "You and Becky" ending by following this walkthrough and choosing to leave with her, even if Molly offers a threesome. YOu can also get it by ignoring the temptations presented to you, and having sex with Becky whenever she offers it.

Other endings require some set-up. This saves money, and you can still bring her to orgasm by rubbing her pussy through her clothes.

Don't take any photos of Gary when you have the opportunity to do so. Then you need to have sex with Becky when she meets you in the closet: lift skirt fuck becky until interrupted Then you need to choose to break up with her. When purchasing a present for Molly's birthday, pick the gold bracelet if you sell the game, you should have more than enough for that. Then do everything with Molly, including anal sex. You'll get an school dreams 3 walkthrough to let Gary and Mike in, and you should accept.

If you don't, all that will happen is that the program will repeat it a few sex acts later. If your limits allow for it, you'll get to see Molly and Mike having sex while she's conscious -- this is the only ending where that happens. And you can still get the mega daydream. At the same time, you need to ensure that Molly picks Gary over you. Then, at the party, Alison will allow you to have sex with her.

No anal, though. Eventually, Molly passes out, but Gary continues to have sex with her. So does Mike, if your limit allows for it. There will be a temptation for you to take a turn, but instead you should leave. So will Alison, and if you've done well enough by her, she'll hint that she might be open to a relationship with you. You get a picture of her at the end. However, you don't get the mega-daydream because you never had sex with Molly. Gary needs to be with Molly, as above.

Just engage in foreplay, and then leave. She'll skip the party, and you'll be free to have a threesome with Melissa and Mike. And once Molly passes out, you can have sex with her as well, and if your limits allow watch Mike do so. This allows you to get the mega-daydream. However, the only ending photo you get is the one that reveals GoblinBoy's fetish.

I can't be the only one who's realized this, can I? There are supposedly eleven endings to this game. I've found less than half of them. Enjoy the search Home About Me. Any donation would be much appreciated to help keep the site online and growing. To help make your donation quicker and easier just click the "Donate" button and you will be taken to the secure Paypal donation .

School dreams 3 walkthrough

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