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It is possible these quests will eventually be pulled into roundscape adorevia map menu as the game is developed. A husband lost his wedding ring and wants you to find it. Move all the left of the husband and then go down. You will see the wedding ring near the roundscape adorevia map. It is also glowing too. The bandit who took it can be found outside the Warlock's Tower, north of Oakshire.

The bounty hunter's guild offers a quest to stop a werewolf that has been lurking in the city in exchange for ing the bounty hunter's guild. The werewolf is located in the huge well near the horse stable shop. There will be a few options to stop the werewolf including convincing the werewolf to turn himself in requires empathy perk.

Once completed, return to the bounty hunter's guild for the reward. Queen Alistal has been shipwrecked and needs you to escort her to the elven village. On your way to the village, Queen Alistal will ask for water and you have the option of giving her water or telling her to drink from your penis which will give another H-scene. Unfortunately, after escorting her to the village, the quest will end there since she will not give any more dialogue possibly this quest is not completely finished. There is a door to a crypt which two switches. The left switch should be pointing Southeast and the right switch should be pointing Southwest.

Then the crypt door will open. Once you defeat the enemies, there will be three chests at the end with the Ancient gauntlets, Module I, and Venomshank. Talk to the Shaman and compete in the traditional battle. Once defeating your enemies, the shaman rewards you with access to the room on the left, mark of the wrath, a slave, and gold. You can free the slave and become less corrupt or you can do what you want with the slave which will make you become more corrupt and will give you two H-scenes.

The husband wants you to find his missing wife and believes she is at the slums. Go to the slums and she is immediately inside the wooden hut right when you enter the slums. There is also one of the evidences for another quest, Search for Evidence. The wife tells you to tell her husband that she has ran away because she is satisfying her desires currently.

When you return to give him the news, you have two options. You can lie and say she ran away which will make you more corrupt or you can tell him the truth which will give you gold and make you become less corrupt. This subquest immediately puts you into action if you go to the upper right side of the church.

Tifany accidentally kills her mentor and you have three choices.

Roundscape adorevia map

You can turn Tifany in to the inquisitor, tell Tifany to run away, or help Tifany cover it up. If you turn Tifany in to the inquisitor, the inquisitor will take her to the dungeon. You can talk to her in the left side of the church and you will find out that she will still be in the service of the church as an acolyte, but will no longer be a paladin. If you tell Tifany to run away, she will no longer appear in Summeredge Church. Not sure if she appears elsewhere if you choose this route. I will test it out in another playthrough.

If you help Tifany cover it up, you have to get rid of all the evidence. You need to take her mentor's journal, take away her mentor's wardrobe, tell Roundscape adorevia map to fix her appearance, and hide his body. If you fail to hide all the evidence, the inquisitor will notice and will take Tifany to the dungeon and it will have the same outcome as turning Tifany in. If you are successful, Tifany will be promoted to Paladin and you will get a lovely H-Scene with Tifany if you choose to do so. He will complain that you are no hero and that your orc companion, Ruskana, is selling you out.

He will engage in battle with you. After the battle, you have a choice to kill or talk it out with him. If you select you are supposed to be a knight option, you will lose corruption. If you let him live, you can talk to him at the Summeredge Barracks where he thanks you. If you enter the left side area in Novos, you encounter a minotaur and a female dwarf arguing about whose work is better. They ask you who has the better craftsmanship, displaying their work to you. Clearly, the minotaur's work is better, but the female dwarf's work is not bad.

They also placed a bet where if the minotaur wins, he gets her work to keep. If the dwarf wins, she gets gold. If you lie and say the dwarf's work is better, you get gold. If you tell the truth, there is an option to have the minotaur work for you at your castle. Go outside and the Bounty Hunter will be there and quickly dispatch him. Return to Goo Girl and she roundscape adorevia map rewards you with 3 bottles of goo. You can activate a dark portal upstairs near the Succubus's room.

Roundscape adorevia map

However, you will need to complete the dungeon underneath the Ornesse Church and obtain a Demon Eye. The puzzle can be solved by interacting with the Red Orb on the church main floor. Hovering over the tiles will determine which is safe More info on Ornesse location wiki.

The boss will then drop the Red Orb. It will lead you to a small area of another world. You will meet a female demon who used to be human when you find shelter from the storm. She will tell you to stay inside and wait the storm out. Then, you will have an option to have a H-Scene with the female demon. After the storm has passed, the female demon asks you to slay her and free her from this place. She will not return to Adorevia since her appearance has changed so either you slay her or you leave her in that place. Carys wants assistance in stopping bandits on a popular trade route.

You will meet her when you read the letter and choose to transport to the location. Then you will move South on the road and come across a man. You can choose to save the man by giving him a health potion. Then he mentions that his daughters were taken by the bandits. So you continue to the bandit cave where you need 2 keys from the bandits from the left and the right to open the center gate. The bandit captain is in the center and after you defeat him, you get the key to the prison cells.

Once you free the daughters, the quest is completed and Carys will leave. Carys asks for your help once more because her sister Seren needs help and the last healer she can turn to is in the Slums, but she fears that the last healer will turn her away for being a furry.

If you refuse to help her at any point in the quest, the quest ends there. For the healer, either you can force the healer to heal Carys's sister or you can bribe him. Then slavers will attack later and Carys will be forced to leave. Then you have an option to have Carys and her sister stay with you in Castle Whitemoon.

If you choose that roundscape adorevia map, Carys will also your party and Carys and Seren will live in Roundscape adorevia map Whitemoon from now on. After completing Crysis in Summeredge, a man will approach you once you enter the Slums asking for help.

He mentions there is a slave guild and he wants to put a stop to it and you need a slave to enter. You have 2 choices for a slave. You either choose Meredith or Ruksana.

Roundscape adorevia map

Meredith will gain corruption when you whip her to prove that you are a slaver, but Ruksana will gain affection when you whip her probably likes it kinky.

Roundscape adorevia map

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