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So, I'm 25 years old I've always seen myself moreso attract to white women rather than my own race. I've experienced situations in which I've done online dating and I message a woman and she says to me sorry I don't date black women I only date white only, now I understand everyone has a preference Same race preference is much more common I think for both straight and gay people and everything else in between many times it's just better to be with somebody you share a common ethnic background,language and history with but it doesn't mean everyone you meet won't date another race you just have to get yourself out there meeting new people.

I guess that's shitty advice but I think it's better to show people in person that you're interesting and fun to be around than do everything through a screen. Like maybe if you ask me which I prefer I'd say a latina girl but maybe I meet a black girl who I like being with and she's pretty then who knows it's all about having experiences with people and finding common ground.

Maybe just try getting to know different people before deciding who you want to date.

Your right, but I see many straight interracial couples seems like it's increasing more and more by the years going by I come across many interracial s with white men who love dating black women I love it because years ago you barely seen many white men dating black women it was always a white woman though who'd date black men though it's amazing to me though how things have changed in that perspective but you'd think by lesbians supposedly being openingly gay ect I've witnessed friends being stared down by black women more so snd get that complete eye roll.

Interracial r interracial lesbian are adorable. The whole preference by race thing confuses me unless they're a minority sick of privileged people's shit. I was raised mostly by my white relatives but still visited my extended black family a lot. I was either in a place with white people or black people. Rarely both in equal proportions and it was just I didn't get it, still don't but apparently it's a common thing to want to mingle with people who look like yourself.

But because no one really looks like me, I just hung out with everyone. As for dating, even though I have a soft spot for Asian people, there is no one I would date more or less. I seem to attract white people because that was the culture I was raised with so I have had 2 white girlfriends both who were woke as fuck about racial politics And an Asian boyfriend back when I thought I was bi.

But I've crushed on all sorts of people, including black girls. I seriously hate that black girls get excluded from dating pools. The anti-black sentiment is strong. In my opinion, not dating black people is not a preference, it's an exclusionary tactic rooted in racism.

A preference is for example, preferring to date white people but not being completely exclusive of people of other races based r interracial lesbian their race alone. Well put I enjoyed this read and completely understand what your saying. I accept my blackness I just don't like the ones who live up to our supposedly stereotype those are the ones who make me mad Well, to be honest, you have a preference, and you don't like how some of them act, and white women can be picky too.

I personally don't have any preferences, and I didn't even date women til I met my now-wife.

So I always think it takes just someone you click with to get through, but I think its fair to let people have their own judgements even if you disagree, and try your best. Sorry if my answer's sloppy, morning sickness kicking my butt.

Well said I completely agree with you and I believe I should because I'm telling you its been gotten old, I've been single going on 5 years real soon as we enter into Possibly so but that's good to know someone still likes a black woman lol. I don't really have a racial preference, but I'm around a lot more Asian people because of the demographics of where I live and so I've ended up liking more Asian girls. But my close friends who are a couple are kinda interracial. One is Filipino and the other is Creole and Filipino.

I can understand exactly where your coming from too especially living in a rural area you don't see many blacks too often in those parents I've noticed this since I was a kid I'm mixed.

I've dated Asians, mixed, white, etc. For some dating inside their own race is a comfort because maybe they don't have much interaction with other races.

Ignore those who say "don't date black girls" there's always someone out there that'll love you for being you. I think a lot of it is just genetic attraction. It's true that most people tend to date others that have similar features to them. Not being attracted to very dissimilar features is not inherently racism, though I agree that strictly refusing to date someone you're attracted to simply because they're a different race than you definitely is, even if internalized.

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R interracial lesbian

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Why aren't there many interracial lesbian couples