Princess pipe trapped hacked

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Name: Oh god, it's bowsa! Don't even give this hack ratings. No, really, this hack is only if you feel like killing bowser, and you don't wanna do the WHOLE smw before getting there. Changing the overworld to link Yoshi's House to the Bowser boss fight, and making Yoshi's Island 1 and 2 instant-death upon entry isn't nearly enough work to get your hack accepted.

Please try and make something more interesting and original next time! Something awry? PM me! Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me. My Hacks:. Who will save the princess? Reasons Not quite good enough to be accepted due to a couple of minor flaws that add up.

The bright ground around Yoshi's house and the castle uses a slightly different color than the other paths. Not really a removal reason, but are all-caps messages necessary? These transparent blocks look quite odd here. Why not use nromal pipe end tiles, like the bottom pipe has? The auto-scroll doesn't stop here, making it possible to get crushed by the walls.

Princess pipe trapped hacked the second one requires very quick reaction. If lose the P-switch before hitting it, or if it runs out before you got to the end, you're foreced to commit suicide and start again. Granted, it's very unlikely to screw up in this case, but it would be great if you provieded some way to reset the level. A simple pipe or door would work. Just pointing that out. Feel free to resubmit your hack once you have fixed most of the issues menationed. I didn't go through the official protocol of claiming this. But look at the file size.

Kinda hard to fit 96 edited levels with exgfx in 0. Length: 7 levels Author: Sniggerbobble Reasons: Not really a removal reason, but when I showed this screenshot to people, the first thing they noticed was a racial slur at the top, completely missing the big blue S. Please work on that, if you could.

In fact, all of the backgrounds available so far do. The biggest stickler is here. Forced damage is not cool, even if it's in a bonus room that just gives your powerups back. Hack Name : SM-Upon his life! Look and see: Super Mario upon his life! Story: Yoshi's house got ripped off and Yoshi himself is disappeared without a trace.

It is up the Mario to solve this problem and find Yoshi to save the day Mario is going through some midlife crisis. Reality at its best Does it effect the story? Reasons First of all, I'm very sorry for the long wait. I had this hack reserved for almost a month, but I could have done it way faster.

Anyway, on to the removal reasons.

The water on the left looks messed up, as does the file select palette. Something about your overworld seems strange to me as well. It may be the "blockyness" os the land or the small hills that represent the paths Not a big deal though.

To fix this, use the newest version of Carol's Addmusic or switch to Romi's one. The slopes are cutoff on the right side. Being able to walk inside ground and slopes was a common issue in this hack. Don't end slopes with a wall - use a corner tile instead. More cutoffness to the left of the ropes. Wrong corner tiles. Only use the ones with dirt when there's something behind them. How am I supposed to know there's a Lakitu behind that ledge? I might be missing something obvious, but don't you mean to say "huge"?

Another wrong corner tile. That means you can also die when you're below them.

Cutofness on the slope. See above. The cement blocks leave small holes in the water. Stacked munchers? D: Looks kinda strange Is that supposed to happen? Sadly, I wasn't able to get all the secret exits and play all the levels, but since it's going to be removed anyway Oh well. Apart from those flaws, it wasn't too bad for a first hack. I'll gladly accept this next time once all of them are fixed. Maybe you should get some beta testers too? Name: Super Maze World Author: Joshua Harrison - Submitted by: mariomaker55 Description: 30 random levels all played in 1 long world ending with a secret level!

Reasons for Removal was completely unedited except for the extra note blocks and cutoff goalposts here. Unedited YSP. Unedited Some serious cutoff issues on the overworld. Be sure to delete loose layer 2 events, and get rid of any 8x8 tiles you don't want the play to see. Unfortunately, ing a series of unedited or barely edited SMW levels does not make for an acceptable hack. Read storyline for more information This is a full game! And the reason there's no screenshots is because they're all Bitmap filles and I didnt feel like turning 18 pictures into PNG files Reasons for Removal If princess pipe trapped hacked don't feel like ing real screenshots for your hack, people may not feel like playing them.

Screenshots allow for people to get a glimpse of your hack and perhaps become interested. Please provide real screenshots in the future. Major glitch!

Getting a star hear completely mutes the game, and selecting a file after that causes it to freeze. For this reason, don't have Mario hit P-Switches or get stars in the intro. All the levels were barely edited, if at all.

Princess pipe trapped hacked

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