Pokemon sex pokemon

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By Laila Kearney. NEW YORK Reuters - New York will bar registered sex offenders on parole from playing Pokemon Go over concerns that the wildly popular virtual reality game could help sexual predators lure young victims, state officials said on Monday.

To enforce the rule, the state is requesting Pokemon Go developer Niantic, Inc to cross-reference a list of sex offenders provided by the state with its list of players. Paroled sex offenders will be instructed by their supervisors that playing Pokemon Go or similar games is in violation of their parole, state officials said.

Niantic and Nintendo Inc Twhich owns a large stake in the game's publisher, The Pokemon Company, could not immediately be reached for comment. The game attracted 21 million active U. A feature of the game that allows users to lure characters or players for a fee to specific locations, appears to have the potential to be abused by predators, Cuomo said.

The game has been blamed for illegal border crossing from Canada to the United States, prompted a U. The game may also pose special risks to children as it encourages players to explore physical locations to win points. On its website, Niantic says users must comply with age restrictions and applicable laws to play its games.

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Pokemon sex pokemon

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State Lawmaker: Pokemon Go players easy prey for sex offenders