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She is a stand up comedian. And has a stand comedy show on Netflix and a super funny podcast.

She is super funny. And also the security at the lounge were asking for pics with Cole and not them lol. She brought a house. Like you pointed out a bunch of people do and have.

Also she has hobbies? Such as puzzles and making clothes for her dog. I mean. Also she seems level headed and normal. I know she speaks multiple languages.

I know she puts a roof over her own head and a steady income. I found that weird at the time but downplayed it but now I think it says volumes. But mostly what I like about Ari is she seems to really like Cole and more important appreciate him. Unless your whole identity is wrapped up in self inserting as one particular blond RD actress.

Ari is a model, which is a hard paid job. She is way more successful then I was at To be honest I was kind of a brat with depression but I acknowledge that now looking back. I dont understand what lilistans are talking about. Originally posted by jughead-jones. It's as if he spent an amount of time moping around, got over his broken heart that he chose, because ending things was the only option, folks and then moved on when plump tumblr met somebody he liked and she was single, huh???? Like is perfectly normal and logical! Bizarre how this is all perfectly normal, even kinda mundane Moving on, while, again, it continues to be absolutely heinous if Cole shares air space with a lady, let alone glances in her direction plump tumblr god forbid is in a consensual relationship Lili fucking around is aaamaaazzzzinngggg!

And the only reason we don't know moar is because she's "so discreet" Or at least, it appears, she's tried. A shit ton Kinda by which I mean, completely explains why Clara who I don't even especially like and Nicola both can't stand her ass and her sudden, very abrupt ends to her "friendships" with a variety of hot ladies: that ballerina, her "daughter" Elsie, her personal trainer Oh and, OFC, Ms. G and her ongoing, home wrecking "friendship" with Walmart Cole Or how she sidepieces Austyn and always has Moving on the SH 4Evahs Cole and ari are a normal couple.

That's why cole can be more relaxed and cool and open if he decides that's what he wants. So, lili stans, don't fucking make comparisons of what he did with lili and how he was with lili and blah blah. Lili and ari are totally different. Totally different situations. Totally different relationships.

And thank god for this!

Yes Z. Totally agree. Cole and Ari are not co stars. Cole and ari are not costars in a popular cw teen show. Cole and ari are not costars who also play a couple in that tv show. Cole and ari are not obliged to take promo photoshoots together. Cole and ari are not obliged to give interviews and attend red carpets and conventions together to promote their show.

Cole and ari don't have production companies, networks and Press over their he to watch their every move. Cole and ari don't have 1.

Anyway I was wondering what it was about her that you do not like? Same, I agree. They sometimes seem to be cold… And I always was suspicious about models… But, unlike her, I suppose Ari is more grounded and chilly, funny girl. However, Barbara is also plump tumblr beautiful, nice woman, just sometimes their relationship and behavior is too weird.

The person should reblog it, add the chosen picture or name which one, then add 2 OTHERS for the other person to choose and continue the chain. Who will break the chain - loser. Ari, you mean? I know all this just based on what was posted on my timeline. Plus, again, if not for Cole, Lili would be on the same level as SlaveTay…. Just fascinating Guess that's why her mom and sis are following him, now, as well. Oh the humanity. Oh the Pee Arr. Or or the grifting????

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