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What do the Classic remastered and Supreme remastered descriptions stand for? Characteristics of both games remained however the same, e. Furthermore the opponents originating from Video Strip Poker Classic are in most cases mute while still beautiful. World's most popular strip poker for PC with interactive HD video. Frequently asked questions with concise answers.

What is it? The purpose of the game is to undress - "strip" - the opponent. Is it a gambling game? You cannot win or lose real money. Is it a porn game? In our opinion - no. There's a lot of hard porn games available in the internet these days.

We rather always did our best to make it a sexy game or - if you prefer - an adult entertainment with lots of teasing, interactivity and sexy nudity. Of course, in the end you'll be the judge.

How can I play the game? Just download and run the installer. Then pick demo or full version opponents you want to play against.

The game will download them automatically in short time depending on your internet connection speed. What's the difference between demo opponents and full version opponents?

Demo opponents are free and cannot be undressed completely, so you can't see naked girls in the demo. You can win only 1 or 2 pieces of clothes from demo opponent while you can win all pieces of clothes from full version opponents. Is my computer powerful enough? Each contemporary i. To make sure just download the game and play against any demo opponent. Do I need to be online while playing the game?

The game requires an internet connection to download opponents and for digital rights management purposes. How much is it? The game engine and demo opponents are free. No strings attached.

Only full version opponents are paid. Their prices are shown in game on girls' photos or in the gallery on this website. What's the difference between demo opponents and full ones? It's the only difference - usually there's no nudity in demo opponents. What kind of nudity can I expect?

Generally speaking it's more or less Playboy style. That means you can see everything, the girls are completely naked, however we put strong emphasis on showing girls in a tastful way. Of course the movie gives you more experience and sensation than still picture.

Is it secure? You can install and uninstall anytime. Is credit card payment on your site safe? The payment are processed by eCard. You credit card data is not revealed to the store, we receive only money transfer. The payment is processed in encrypted SSL connection of course. Unfortunately, due to many improvements the games are not compatible. At a time you can activate the game on two computers which are your property or you are the main user of. I forgot How can I activate the game again?

Just enter it in game menu - activation and click Activate button. Nice and easy. How can I contact you?

Play video strip poker

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