Phoenix witch trainer

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Prev 1 … Go to. Go to. First Prev of Go to. Haxor Demon Girl Pro. ed May 3, Messages Reputation score Re: Akabur Games Laurentius said:. Is there actually anything different or new with the phoenix? Spoiler Besides changing the activation of its transformation, all of the dialogue seems the same as on other mods.

Genie is an idiot, upsets the dumb bird, then there's nothing you can do. Is that correct, or am I missing something to continue on? Theodosius Jungle Girl. ed Apr 17, Messages 35 Reputation score 3. Re: Akabur Games Abelius said:. Many thanks for your work! And this is the phoenix witch trainer I told you about in your Patreon feed Laurentius said:. ed Sep 26, Messages 21 Reputation score 1. Re: Akabur Games Hi i was playing witch trainer 1. ed Nov 19, Messages 14 Reputation score 1. Re: Akabur Games Which version offers more content currently?

Sad Crab 1. Or are they offering different new content? Is there any other fanmade releases with new content? Thank you! Omnikuken Tentacle God. ed Jul 14, Messages 2, Reputation score You can also cheat a lot to save time. Fanmod 1. You can't cheat much though. I'd say both are meh at best Re: Akabur Games Many thanks, I'll skip both then, it wasn't as good as a game to replay the whole thing phoenix witch trainer 1 extra scene. Manamana Tentacle God. ed Sep 3, Messages Reputation score Re: Akabur Games Omnikuken said:. ed Sep 30, Messages 2, Reputation score 1, Re: Akabur Games Manamana said:.

Is the sad crab version still worked on? There was an update yesterday that added titfucking and a few bug fixing. They are planning a lot for it like making Hermione into a Loli and to do more with Daphne. Either way I was playing the new Ver last night and I got so many crashes that had to be rolled back or ignored and the UI for picking Hermiones clothes is a nightmare!

I thought it would work well at first but now it is almost twice as difficult to layer anything on Hermione. All the Skirts are gone and now you are stuck with the longer skirts and if you decide to use the cheat menu to select what clothing she has Don't do it! Once you make a change even a small one like giving her Tattoos you cannot change it and have to start the game over then it completely destroys the conversation animations. Let's say you want Hermione naked and from what I can see there is no way to make her naked without the cheat menu, all her animations like flashing will not work, there are even bugs where the game will crash or even the chibi disappears from the screen.

Takes the fun out of what is happening in the conversation. I appreciate the thought about adding mods to the game but the Silver Mod makes the game worse and a fucking nightmare to navigate, play with, experiment with, and of course makes it a fucking hassle to even finish to get the extra ending. Are you referring to the 1. TooN0ble Demon Girl Pro. ed Nov 29, Messages Reputation score Game says 1. Wasp Jungle Phoenix witch trainer. ed May 23, Messages 8 Reputation score 0. Re: Akabur Games Anyone know how to initiate the fawkes scene in silver.

Re: Akabur Games Wasp said:. Anyone know how to initiate the fawkes scene in silver.

Re: Akabur Games Holy. Akabur's newest game Star Channel 34 is out today! Fucking today! Was not expecting this at all! Edit: Seems it's getting positive reviews. It's hours long and it's following the Magic Shop release schedule. SC34 is currently on Ch1 with Ch2 coming next year.

Last edited: Dec 25, Re: Akabur Games Public release tomorrow-ish. Xil Grim Reaper. ed Sep 18, Messages Reputation score Re: Akabur Games So it takes him an year to add stuff to an already existing game, but only a while to make a 4 hour game from scratch?

Re: Akabur Games He may just be getting better at it. When he was making Gold he said himself that his code is horrendous and half the time he didn't know what the fuck he was doing back in the day.

Phoenix witch trainer

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Three Sexy Mods for Akabur’s Witch Trainer