Pervert action legacy cheats

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You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. BBBen Member. Mar 6, 16 4. Last edited: Feb 22, Reactions: mu6bestAristocrat and muttdoggy.

DaBomb Well-Known Member. Aug 27, 0. Okay, am I missing something?

I focused mainly on one maid for the special night training, yet they still didn't have enough lust to resist the demon at the end. Are there ways to raise their lust other than the training? DaBomb said:. Click to expand Reactions: terodada. Jan 20, 8 1 Tinman Well-Known Member. Aug 30, Reactions: BBBen.

Tinman said:. I've played 3 of BBBen's other games without getting any viruses, and he's been around the fenforums since well before the last one went down in late Either this game is safe or he played an extremely long con just to pervert action legacy cheats a few porn lovers. Haven't played this one yet, but I've like all the other Pervert Action games so far. Is there an overall plan for this series? May 4, BBBen is one of the best dev's on this site, no need to fear him xD.

Did my first playthrough today, and I noticed that Pervert Action: Crisis mention. Also, and this probably has more to do with my computer being crap than the game itself, animated scenes cause the game to stall instead of moving forward when " I was able to work around that by clicking through the different image settings so it's not really gamebreaking.

And it seems to happen less often when the image is set to Actual Size, Centered. For everyone else the bonus word is never an actual word in these games, so if anyone is looking for letters I've gotten the 1st, 2nd, and 7th so far. My next playthrough probably tomorrow will focus on Kimiko and Rio, so that's 3rd and 5th. If anyone wants to know them, or has completed other endings and wants to trade, feel free to PM me.

Last edited: Feb 3, pervert action legacy cheats Okay, discovered the search Bookcase option in the Study and it stopped at the nurse scene. Do I have to just keep searching the bookcase or is there another method to continue that? Also, can you do lewd things outside of night training to the maids, before the Ending?

I assume they need high lust and love? Last edited: Feb 2, Prime Member. Sep 14, 7 0. This game was amazing. I got it at like 3am before bed. Ended up staying up til 1pm playing this. I really wanted to try being dark and just bending one over randomly but there is no possibility for that.

That's high from me. Does anyone know of a walkthrough for this? I'd do testing myself, but the game takes up too much time for me to do it over and over again. I think there's a reddit with a walkthrough. I can also just PM you the harem code that gives a big boost in stats so it's easier to get the girls to love you.

Prime said:. I've revealed the new title and the features for the PAL expansion pack! One is a public update v1. This is the first public update of PAL since the full release of the game and the first new content release for the expansion pack, Attack of the Nega Maids. Download links are below. Download for 1. Many of these are from fun stuff, a lot of them early in the game, and most replace the poorer ones in the game.

I'm still planning to replace more, but this is a good start. There are 11 new monsters, with special quirks and attacks, for a new total of 18! These are: the bbbomb, the chameleor, the chiropterror, the mimic, the sluggor, the skymanta, the snekkar, the statue, the troglobiter, the whyena and the woodsprit.

There are five new monster powers: vibrating, sprinter, invulnerable, impregnable and unshakeable. There are introductory scenes for each of the three locations now, as well as for the monsters, to give the combat a little bit more of a feel of story and character.

You can now fight battles without losing time. Instead you can do one battle in the morning and one in the afternoon, but these will not advance the time period. Kenji starts with a point in each skill, to speed up the early game a little, and he can take his stats up to pervert action legacy cheats Night service generates lust a little faster.

Fixed a bug where Kimiko's damage didn't work on some foreign systems. Added some new cheats! Maid harassment scenes: After sex scenes you can now have sex with the maids while they're going about their daily chores! Just walk right up and have your way with them!

Before sex scenes you now have a 'halfway' stage where you can feel up the maids a little without penalty. These are mostly complete. A few scenes will give placeholders, but I've included pictures where they'd show up in the final version. Eventually Masami and Rio harassment will be implemented too, but right now you'll only get placeholders for them.

In future updates I'll be adding more pictures, too; for now each maid has a 'starter' image, a blowjob image and an anal sex image, with different variants for all environments where they might be doing their chores.

New Hiroshi night service offers: Hiroshi will now offer you money if you let him watch your night service training and maybe more? These are complete! Each has at least one image; there are three different offers you get for each maid, plus a fourth option for each that appears after 3! You will find these in the normal course of events if you've had sex with a maid by the time of your normal night service session on day These scenes are very much optional, if it's not your thing.

Whichever maid you had sex with first will be the one selected. Unlike the other offers there's no real penalty for selecting them, other than using night service time. Go nuts! More is coming from the Attack of the Nega Maids expansion pack in future updates! Last edited: Sep 26, Plus, a new patrons-only release too.

There are some big content expansions in this one since the last public release. This is a big new feature because all these scenes are interactive. The day after her interactive scene, Rio gets a new daily outfit and gives you a new mystery pervert action legacy cheats to have fun with.

After her interactive scene you can get Rio to 'help' you train the maids in night service, to give you a little more to do in the night service system. The ability to enter Fumi's and Masami's bedrooms at night if you've unlocked their interactive scene. Hiroshi will now offer you money if you let him watch your night service training and maybe more? You CAN, of course, refuse these offers with no penalty. These scenes are complete; each has at least one image; there are three different offers you get for each maid, plus a fourth option for each that appears after 3 and another bonus scene afterward that goes even further if you check the secret passages!

Whichever maid you pursued first will be the one selected, and unlike Hiroshi's other offers there's no real penalty for selecting them, other than using night service time. A bonus segment at the end of the Masami interactive scene when you "dress" if you've achieved the Iku interactive scene. A short scene in which you catch Kim bathing with pic, requires Kimiko lustand another short scene in which you talk to her about Masami no pic, requires Masami's sex scene.

An optional foot scene in the Fumi interactive scene. More newly re-rendered, improved versions of existing pics mostly for night service. Gameplay tweaks and bug fixes.

Pervert action legacy cheats

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