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Examine Fitzpatrick's card. Go into your rec room and pick up the newspaper clipping, then examine it. Leave this room and go through to your office. Look at the photo of your ex-wife on your desk. Open the top left drawer and take out the electronics shop bill, then examine it. Turn around and pick up the jack-knife. Leave your apartment and head down to the street. Talk to her again B, C, B.

Go over to Rusty's Funhouse and look at the CopLock on the door. Now head to the blue mailbox outside pandora walkthrough Golden Gate Hotel and pick up the letter from the ground. Use the letter in the mailbox. Head back along the street and pick up Nilo's wallet, which is on the ground in line with the Electronics Shop. Head into the Ritz Hotel.

You will automatically talk to Nilo A. Pick up the crossword puzzle on the sofa and examine it in your inventory, then solve it:. The puzzle will automatically close once it is all correct. Pick up Nilo's note from the table between the sofas and examine it. Use your finished crossword puzzle on the mail drop in the lobby here, then go upstairs. Look at the keypad outside Apartment A to realist you don't know the code. Now give Nilo his wallet, before heading outside. Go forward and open the cardboard box on the right ledge, taking a chisel from inside.

Now climb up the ladder. Go through the lobby and upstairs. Open the door to Apartment A using the code from Nilothen head inside. Open the top drawer of the drafting table and take the ACME business card from inside. Close this drawer and open the next one, taking an air mail envelope from inside.

Examine this, then try to read the untranslated letter inside. Close the second drawer and open the fourth drawer, taking photo of Regan from inside examine it to see the name. Move the cushion on the armchair in the corner of the room, and pick up a photo of Malloy with a llama. Open the nearby box pandora walkthrough take out the book called "Airport of the Gods".

Take the scarf from the bed, then take Malloy's letter from the nightstand. Open the drawer of the nightstand and take the pawnshop receipt. Examine both the letter and the receipt. Now leave the room. Offer him the untranslated letter to find out it is written in Yucatec.

Offer him the scarf, then ask about the young blonde woman, and the newspaper photo of Malloy. Talk to Zack A, A, C. Look at all the items on the counters and shelves, then talk to Zack again. Buy the visual analyzing apparatus and Robco battery pack. Head towards the Golden Gate Hotel and turn left, going through a gap in the fence to find the Cocoa Cabana, which is within Coit Tower. Leave pandora walkthrough and go to the alley behind the Fuchsia Flamingo. Use Leach's key on the employee's entrance door.

Now travel to Chelsee's apartment, which is on the San Francisco map. Walk forward, then turn around and look at the floor to see an envelope. Pick it up and examine it to get the prize money for the crossword. Now examine Emily's note scraps in your inventory and solve the jigsaw puzzle, creating a note that says "I'm watching you.

I take pictures. Be afraid. Go to the door to Rusty's Fun House and unlock it with your new key - to solve the lock puzzle pandora walkthrough just need to link the left and right sides by clicking on the pairs of matching colors as shown below:. Head behind the low shelves straight ahead. Pull the lever on the floor, then go through to the secret room. Climb up the ladder to the roof, then climb the ladder to the water tower, but it is locked with a padlock.

Climb back down, open the trapdoor in the roof and climb back down to the secret room. Open the hidden door next to the ladder and return outside to the street. Go around to the alley behind the Golden Gate Hotel. Head to the other end of the street to find the Slice o' Heaven, then go through the door marked "Exit". Go up the stairs and all the way to the back of the area. Move the box on the top, then open the box beneath it and take the bottle of scotch from inside. Go back to the alley behind the Golden Gate Hotel. Talk to Gary Athen offer him the bottle of scotch. Ask about the newspaper photo of Malloy, then Malloy's key.

Look at Malloy's crate immediately to the right, then look up at the crane above it. Go to the back of the warehouse and pandora walkthrough the chest on the ground, then take the peg leg from inside. Now open the control box on the wall, turn the crane on, and lower it. Go back to Malloy's crate and use the peg leg to fasten the crane arm to the hook on the top of the crate.

Use the control box to raise the crate. Now when you return to the crate, pick up the map of Asia from beneath it. Open the crate and take the photograph of Nazca and Malloy's tapestry from inside. Examine all 3 of these items.

In your inventory, combine pandora walkthrough Yucatec Made Easy book with your untranslated letter. Examine the translated Yucatec letter, then travel to a new location on the North America map. Turn left and pick up a crumpled piece of paper from the floor, then examine it. Take a CD from the open bureau drawer. Go upstairs and move the painting to reveal a security keypad, but you don't have a combination yet. Use the CD in the laptop computer and use the information from the crumpled piece of paper to come up with this combination:. You will then be shown the combination for the door back in the cabin, as well as several other s of information.

Enter the next room and move the loose floor panel to find a body. Open the bottom left door of the bookshelf and take the film reel from inside. Pull down the projection screen, then use the reel with the projector.

Turn on the projector there is a bug here where you can keep watching the film repeatedly to keep getting points if you are going for a maximum score. Head to the alley behind Rook's Pawnshop. Search the trash cans until you find one you can open, and take the newspaper from inside, then examine it and read all of the articles.

Go up to the roof you can travel straight there with the map. Take the jacket from on top of the cooling unit. Examine this to find a cufflink and a torn photograph. Examine the cufflink, then examine the photograph and solve another jigsaw puzzle. Combine the assembled photograph and visual analyzing apparatus in your inventory. Use this combination and zoom in on both the street name on the and the street on the door. Use your vidphone to talk to Lucia Pernell again, and ask about Sandra Collins to get her address. Pick up the visitor's pass from the floor between the 2 chairs, and examine it to see that it is pass Now also pick up the hair pandora walkthrough from the low table, and the curtain cord from the side of the window in the locked door.

Go over and move the window at the reception desk, then try to take the clipboard, but it is just out of reach. Combine your hair brush and curtain cord, then use this on the clipboard. Examine the clipboard to see that the code for pass 14 is Go pandora walkthrough the hall and use the visitor's pass on the keypad, then enter Save your gamethen go through the door. Quickly turn left and open the door on the left at the end to find a storage closet. Pick up the broom from the ground and the box of soap from the top left.

Turn around and go to the mop bucket at the end of the corridor. Use the soap in the bucket, then use the mop on it, and you will mop the floor. Return to the storage closet and turn around, then open the exit door next to the mop bucket from here to sound an alarm - the guard will come running and will slip over, then you will automatically store his body in the storage closet.

Now enter the office of Dag Horton. Turn right and elevate to be able to see a padlock key on top of the bookcase, then take it. Look at the photo of Dag and a friend on the wall. Move the book on the desk, then take the sticky notes and examine them. Open the CD case on the desk and take a file cabinet key pandora walkthrough inside. Next open the bottom desk drawer and take Sandra Collins' necklace. Use the file cabinet key to unlock the bottom right file cabinet drawer then open it and take the Llama cigarette tin.

Examine this, then examine the photos of girls. Go up to the roof and climb the ladder to the water tower. Look through the viewing device and you will automatically head to the Flamingo and then out to the street. Go up to the roof, then save your game. Immediately crouch, then go up the stairs and over to the next building, hiding behind the cooling unit. Slowly stand upright so you can just see the attacker, then when his back is turned run straight at him. Go up to the roof, then across to the roof of the next building and pick up the tracking device that was dropped during your earlier fight.

Turn around and walk forward, then take the path to the left. When the beeps reach their maximum speed, look right and find a brick that you can move using your chisel. Save your gamethen examine the box and you will discover a mine that you need to disarm using these steps:. As you enter, you will be accosted and taken away. Examine the note she gives you, and you will get her phone. After she leaves, use your vidphone and talk to Chelsee A, A, C. Now play the message on the vidphone. End this conversation and talk to Gus, also asking him about the brown paper pandora walkthrough.

Pandora walkthrough

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