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So really, [I did it] for science," she told Mic. Jess's data told a story of knees collapsing, position change-ups and numerous orgasms, culminating with a chapter-ending comedown. It lasted for 8 minutes and 59 seconds. She thought it was beautiful. At first, Jess posted her FitBit data to Reddit because she thought her fellow orgasm reddit nerds would find it interesting. She started monitoring her sexual activity after 20 minutes of foreplay, right when her partner put a condom on, and she got her heart rate up to beats per minute, about twice her resting rate and just a little under what she shoots for at the gym.

She thought it was a cool example of "consensual, sexy science," she told Mic. But as it turned out, Reddit's reaction was exactly the opposite. One by one, commenters piled on to shame her for posting evidence of her sexual activity on the Internet.

They also used her FitBit data as an excuse to malign her sex life, accusing Jess of faking her orgasms and her partner of being bad at sex. Many of the comments attacked Jess for her poor sexual performance. An eight-minute session with the heart rate she reached, they concluded, must mean Jess is fat.

Others accused her partner of being bad at sex. Overall, the comments reflected a orgasm reddit mood that women can't have quick, enjoyable sex without it being fake or a ploy," Jess told Mic. Why are men so confused about what real sexual pleasure looks like? Jess's story is a sad but jarring reminder that when it comes to understanding the female orgasm and sexual pleasure in general, most men don't know what the hell they're talking about.

For starters, the commenters' accusation that Jess was "faking" her orgasm has little validity, in light of how variable most women's climax times are. While research from a Brown University study said, on average, it takes women between 10 and 20 orgasm reddit to orgasm from sexual activity, compared to seven to 14 minutes for men, it's certainly possible — nay, even likely — that some women fall outside that range. If nothing else, the response to Jess' sex data proves that many men don't understand that women's bodies aren't all the same.

Biologies are different. Environments change. But when women don't adhere to men's presumably porn-informed beliefs about what sex should and shouldn't be, it really pisses them off, to the point where anonymous strangers on Reddit think they know a woman's body than the woman who lives in it.

Before posting her data online, Jess toyed with the idea of following up with more trial runs. But after facing an onslaught of hypercritical Redditors, Jess is currently begging off more Fitbit follow-up attempts. Hopefully, Jess won't let the bullhorn of Internet sexism affect her. But given her last comment on the matter, it's probably not going to stop her from having truly awesome sex. By Max Plenke.

Orgasm reddit

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