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When I was 5, I sat on the edge of my chair with my legs spread. And it itched and I wanted to scratch it. When I was 6, I spent a day on the beach with my family.

I was excited about the new bikini my mum got me, but confused as to why she asked me to keep the top on when I went for a swim. I was. Later, I overheard a talk she had with my dad.

I interrupted them and asked her why she thought old men would look at me. And men do that. When I was 9, I got in a fight with my best friend. I went home and complained about it to my grandma, who lived with us. She told me I should have seen it coming. Girls are jealous, manipulative and backstabbing. Catfights will happen.

When I was 13, I fell in love with a boy from the neighbourhood.

He was on my mind all the time and I caught myself wishing we were together, so I could hold his hand and kiss him, too. I wanted to meet him, get to know him better, and I told my dad about my plan of asking him out. The man makes the first move. Boys like to conquer, and girls love being chased. When I was 17, I was part of a large group of friends. There was a boy who fancied me.

One of a kind. You get my sense of humour. But with tits. I began to feel disgusted with him. A pretty model type of girl is good nude anime girls tumblr to jack off to, but in the end, a guy wants some drama free pussy. The majority of nude anime girls tumblr is superficial and slutty. When I was 19, there was a boy I regularly had sex with.

It was nice. Not the breathtaking kind of passionate, ecstatic fucking I had dreamed of; maybe we lacked chemistry, maybe it would have been nicer if we had been in love; but I was alright with it. I adapted, obeyed and swallowed.

Of course I did. In the beginning, he really put an effort in giving me what I gave him. He really tried. You women need ages to cum. Women are so complicated. Internalized misogyny is just as harmful. Not the answer I needed. Why must I cover my breasts? Why am I being taught to mistrust other girls?

Why do I have to compete with other girls? Why do I have to keep quiet about the way I feel? Why am I not allowed to show affection like men do? Why must love be about conquering, anyway? What if it scares me? Why do boys scare me, anyway? Why do you make me feel inferior to them? And why do I have to like a boy in order to be liked? Why am I exhausting to be with?

Why am I complicated? A prude virgin? Cause women are just crazy? Cause I am jealous, manipulative, backstabbing, competitive or any of the other countless negative traits that are immediately connected with the female identity?

Because I was, and am, expected to look down on women even though I am a woman myself. But I refuse. I refuse to adapt, obey and swallow. I refuse to take this as an answer, and I will not stop asking why. Not because I want people to give me a proper response, but because I want them to question themselves, too.

I want them to start wondering. In order to eliminate misogynic stereotypes, we must unlearn to understand them. Keep asking why, until nobody knows an answer anymore. Because girls can be everything and anything they want to be. Posts Likes Archive. And they said yes.

Nude anime girls tumblr

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Nude Anime Girls Tumblr