Night of revenge translation

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Latest Updates. Live Sex Cams. Live Cam Girls. Log in. New posts. Forums Development Translation. Thread starter george k Start date Aug 21, Discussion Reviews 1. Dec 6, 42 A great action-sidescroller game still in development : Night of Revenge from artist D-lis : You must be registered to see the links. Last edited by a moderator: Jan 30, Reactions: ChawklateRasttixZarathirsty and 56 others.

Northwind Newbie. Mar 8, 17 Now that a certain website is no longer up I'm glad to see this here. Truly the Bloodborne of porn games.

Reactions: ZuraBanshee96Omletik and 3 others. Jun 2, 5, I considered translating this before buts its incomplete and honestly I rather not have to constantly translate it with every single update. I don't think many people will do much for this beyond machine translation at best.

Reactions: romaniranchLePorn and george k. Spillthebeans Active Member. Jun 21, Spillthebeans said:. I heard there was already an official translator but the dev asked him to not translate until a certain development point for technical reasons.

There's pictures of the game already translated by the translator himself floating around. I believe he also posts at ulmf. Reactions: Banshee96george kLePorn and 1 other person. Jan 15, 2, 2, Northwind said:. Which website, if you don't mind me asking? NorthStarSteve Newbie. Oct 15, 32 8. Is there a way I can keep this game playing when I tab out? It pauses when I do. I think it's a unity thing. LePorn Newbie. Sep 19, 41 Can't find much about this game. Gotta watch this threat. Reactions: rKnight. HentaiHoarder Active Member.

Jun 19, LePorn said:. Reactions: sardella.

TheClownstorm New Member. Jun 2, 4 7. Reactions: Venomforge Blackmist Newbie. Feb 14, 33 You must be registered to see the links.

Reactions: tarata. Apr 30, 2 5. That dog better get H-animations. Reactions: george k. Jun 10, 4 5. Anyone else getting stuck in the menu? Like no button goes backwards or something. Reactions: Farofero. Warning: Avoid use of the mouse in menus, this can glitch the game.

That's fixed it. As long as I don't use my mouse in the menus the game lets me exit them with space. If I do accidentally click something I need to restart the whole game.

H mmmmmmmm Newbie. Aug 1, 83 I already did a rough mtl translation of the game when it was like 0. Cool theres other people than me who have translated it though. Reactions: Slaaneshi Cultist.

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Night of revenge translation

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Night of Revenge – New Version [Action][English]