Naked pirates

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On Feb 28th my wife and I and some friends we met at satp went on the sunset boat cruise on the wildthing. We got on the boat and went to a reef to let some people go snorkling, we stayed on the boat and drank some more Red Stripes. My wife and I could not stop laughing.

Well all of a sudden about 10 of the naked folks decided to swim over to our boat and get on board. They said they were the naked pirates and they rushed our bar, took a bottle of rum and went back to their boat. Some people on our boat were really upset wth this activity.

Have any of you guys and gals had this happen? Most of the naked people should of left their clothes on lol. Late Rob. Too funny what happened. I admit that I was on one of the Hedo Nekkid cruises in November and had a fun time especially when we would come across other cruises that weren't nude and enjoyed everyone laughing and taking pics of us. None of us did the pirate thing, but I still had a parrot on my shoulder but no eye patch.

I sooooo want to at the very least get a hedo daypass on the day they do this! Don't naked pirates if I would be brave enough to board another boat, but that is naked pirates, I don't drink much rum That is just so freakin funny, I still have a grin on my face as I type this. Thanks for the smiles. Ay, Matey!

You aren't the first victims of the dreaded Hedo boats! If it makes y'all feel safer, we aren't usually drunk on the Hedo catamarans, just havin' fun with the textile-clad regular folks! The Wild Thing crew is very familiar with the Hedo - nists and the crew of the Sunsation catamaran that sails out of Hedo. I have been on both cats.

The naked pirates may have been a bit of a surprise, but not the nekkidness. Not to worry! As someone who has enjoyed Hedo, I really think you all should be thankful for the photo-op, since no cameras are allowed in the nekkid parts of Hedo.

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RBT Can you recommend a good tour guide, taxi driver, boat excursion, etc.? Which currency should I use naked pirates Jamaica? Will it rain during my vacation?

Naked pirates

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