My sweet family

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At home, he is an normal head of the household type of father. There, he lives with his strong willed wife Kim Eun-Ok Moon Jeong-Hee who nags at him constantly, a troublemaker daughter, a model student son and his mother. Name required.

Mail required but will not be published. In both drama AND comedy, he can do it all. He gets better with age but I'm afraid hiring all those untalented boy-band bad actors are shutting out dramas for real adult actors This drama is FUNNY, fluffy comedy, and it works because of Jung Jun Ho.

They also starred together in one of Jung's best dramas, My Last Scandal. Jul 01 am Come on people it wasn't that bad. It was really funny.

Oh well everyone will agree to disagree. Soso Jun 02 am Come on, everyone just has a different sense of humor and not anyone could laugh with this drama.

I don't get where its funny, it just pathetic. Please MBC, you rather make sageuk like you always made, as I won't watch sageuk. But make crap drama like this, I want my hours back! Teleri Jan 16 am OMG this drama was soooo funny :d The entire cast did such an excellent job and had enough twists and turns to keep my interest.

Shinse Jan 09 pm I especially love tae soo he is an amazing father and a loving husband He plays his character well. Dec 11 am Lee Minhyuk fighting!!! They are both of my favorite actorsince i watch movie 'my boss my hero. It's not fair that you cant be a main character just because of your height.

I'll watch this drama tho. Just because of you, mr. Bony Nov 09 am I will watch this because of Minah here. Beazel74 Nov 08 am yes Be is great actor. And also his maknae daughter is very cute. I see in dad where we going. Lawyer ".

My sweet family

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