My summer car walkthrough

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On this of our guide to My Summer Caryou will learn the most important information about the assembly of the Satsuma car which stands in front of the garage. We will show you how to use the tools and how to install the individual parts. You will also find a list of additional parts and tips for finding them. Assembling the Satsuma car is one of the main goals and one of the busiest activities in the game.

Everything will take a good few days in the game world - you should start this process with the appropriate preparations and forming the right habits. First, remember to monitor your needs all the time : fatigue, hunger, thirst, urine, stress. Buy a lot of food in the store, drink tap water, use the sauna to reduce stress, and go to sleep when the night comes - you won't use electricity. Also, you can see better during the daytime. Screwing and watching the car take shape is very exciting which means that it is easy to forget about everything else. Collect all the necessary parts - the construction of the car will go smoother.

You will my summer car walkthrough it in the corner of the garage. Grab the bottom part to move the car jack. Press the left mouse button to raise it, a single click with the right button lowers everything down. If you are sure what the individual parts are for, you can move them piece by piece in advance next to the car e. If you are not sure, move them separately from the garage where most of them are grouped respectively.

Some parts are only for a specific place in the car: front or rear and left or right. They are described as follows:. Before assembling the car, collect all the missing parts. Most of them are in your garage, but the rest must be bought at the store. Even though you have some of them in the garage, you should still purchase them and install new ones, because the ones you own are severely worn out. They will either not work properly after attaching or fall down instantly. You have to do this with the battery and the oil filter.

You also won't find any wheels in the house.

A free set is hidden on the map and you can easily get it see section: Where to find wheels? The free wheels are heavily worn out and won't pass a vehicle inspection. Use them in the assembly process for moving the car with ease or in test drives.

The good wheels have to be ordered in the workshop for the appropriate price. The rest of the necessary parts are in the store in the city chapter: Shopping. Remember to have at least 2, mk to buy spare parts, fuel and food. In general, you have to buy almost everything from the shelves on the left wall. You can also buy a new upholstery blue stand with the Suomi textbut its pattern is exactly the same as the entire rack. Decide if it is worth the price. When using tools, the most cumbersome thing is the constant switching between wrenches. Each part requires a different size of bolts and you always have to choose the right one.

Fortunately, you do not need to look for small nuts anywhere and make sure not to lose them - just use the wrench on the bolt to start the installation. Do not be afraid to use the Q key and go through the body and the texture - this is not a bug, but a very useful feature!

In the Spanner set, you will find size wrenches, a screwdriver, a sparkplug wrench and a ruler. Remember that sometimes the screws will be completely invisiblefor example, hidden under other elements. However, you don't need to look at them from the front to tighten them - the twisting works from any point of view, you only need to find the bolt.

If you don't see any bolts, go around the car and keep Q grab and C crouch keys pressed down. At later stages, be careful not to accidentally unscrew a bolt from another part that is the same size. My summer car walkthrough logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners.

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My Summer Car Guide. Game Guide. Assembling the Satsuma car. The basics. Table of Contents. The ugly duckling can change over time and with money into a nice hot-hatch!

Some parts are for the right or the left side. When installing parts into the vehicle, keep moving them until you see the white OK. You use the wrenches in the tool mode 2indicated by the icon in the upper right corner. If the wrench is correct, the screw will turn green. Sometimes, the bolts will be very difficult to access or invisible at a first glance. Despite that - they always light up if you point the crosshair at them. Character attributes Shopping The Grandmother Making money.

The basics Suspension and steering system Engine and Gearbox Installing the engine in the car Battery and electrical system Body and interior First engine start. Playable vehicles. How to fish? How to get customized parts? Where to find wheels? How to sleep? How do I save the game? How to get money as a gift? Why is there no electricity?

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My summer car walkthrough

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