Most perfect boobs

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The mathematical equation known as Phi devised by the ancient Greeks sees the ideal breast proportion as This is where 45 percent of the breast would be above the nipple upper pole and 55 percent below the nipple lower pole.

The Harley Street surgeon said the Golden Ratio in breasts for him is about creating breasts that are in proportion with the rest of the body. It can be found most perfect boobs the pyramids of Egypt, facial aesthetics and even the shape of the breast. One breast ratio which is mostly discussed in the media is Providing a natural slope in the upper pole with fullness in the lower pole. He adds: "The tissue appears to be soft, and distributed evenly.

They appear full but not overly large - they just sit very well with her proportions. But similar to shoe sizing, he says a bespoke treatment plan is vital in achieving naturalthe perfect fit or the Golden Ratio. In other celeb news, we revealed how Diana is the "most attractive royal" according to the golden ratio theory. And this is how Emily Attack lifter the taboo on bedroom secrets, from threesomes to orgasms.

Plus celebs are loving the 'flying low' Instagram pose - and it's perfect for if you can't do up your jeans. in. All Football. Fabulous Celebrity Tiffany Wallis. Tiffany Wallis. What is the golden ratio and how to work it out?

The mathematical equation sees the ideal breast proportion as where 45 percent of the breast would be above the nipple and 55 percent below the nipple. Dr Patrick Mallucci identified the formula for perfect breasts in after conducting a study where people ranked breast types with different proportions. The poll found that 87 per cent of respondents ranked breasts of the ratio as their favourites.

The Upper Pole was either straight or concave, and the nipple was pointing skywards at an average angle of 20 degrees. In all cases the breasts demonstrated a tight convex lower pole — a neat but voluminous curve. The ratio can be found by measuring the percentage of the breast above and below the nipple. Most read in Celebrity.

Most perfect boobs

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