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As you may have already noticed of late, we've recently reviewed and covered a of translated visual novels from MangaGamer on these hallowed s with more to come incidentally - As an extension of that coverage, the company have very kindly fielded a of questions both from ourselves and our readers, the result of which is the interview that follows.

So, if you want to know more about MangaGamer and their releases, and particularly if you're looking for some teasers on their forthcoming products, read on! Before we start, I'd mangagamer uk like mangagamer uk extend a huge thank you from all of us here at UK Anime for taking some time out to answer our questions. To kick off, would you like to explain to some of our readers who might not yet be familiar with you who MangaGamer are and what they do?

My name is John, though those who follow us on the forums and the staff blog will probably recognize me better by my handle, Kouryuu. I currently work for MangaGamer as one of their translators. Our company, MangaGamer, s visual novels for release and distribution in English. Some of you might recognize visual novels by one of their many other names: bishoujo games, eroge, H-games, etc. What is your particular role within the company and how long have you been a part of MangaGamer?

I first ed the company last year after Otakon, a convention in the US, so around late July or early August. I ed on with the company as a translator and worked on Soul Link, followed by Edelweiss Eiden Fantasia. I started the 'blog hoping to discuss things that arose during translation, provide extra tidbits for fans, and create an additional realm for discussion of things in addition to the forums we already ran.

Hopefully, it may have more contributors in the future. Not too long ago, I also received a few suggestions that it might be worthwhile to also manage a Twitterso I now handle that as well, posting various minor updates and news as well as communicating with our fans. With so many visual novels released in Japan, how does MangaGamer go about selecting which games to attempt to and translate?

Are those decisions affected by customer feedback and requests at all? They are affected by the feedback and requests we receive, believe it or not.

Mangagamer uk

Most of our current and upcoming catalog comes from these groups. However, we have been trying to take user requests into. What was the thinking behind the decision to make "All ages" versions of some of your titles?

Is there a lot of work involved in transitioning an otherwise adult game to be suitable as an all ages mangagamer uk Higurashi was originally all ages, but the BBFC would certainly rate it at a 15 or an However, we wanted to create a version of our site that would allow those who were under-age a chance to enjoy as many of our offerings as we can.

Mangagamer uk

To answer this request, we chose Kira Kirawhich already had an all-ages version thanks to its offering on the iPod and made it available on our site as well. In Japan, the transition to an All-ages version often involves rewriting some of the game text to adapt for the changes made by the removal of certain scenes.

Often, the work they put into making one is more extensive mangagamer uk that. On our end, we would have to translate those new scripts and some other work as well in order to produce an All-ages version. With all of that in mind, do you have any plans to convert any more titles to include all ages versions in the future? However, we do hope to continue adding games to our All-ages catalog as time goes on. MangaGamer interview. Author: A. That's ruddy mysterious Tales of Arise Preview.

A Bokksu taste test.

Mangagamer uk

Spirited Away 20th Anniversary Retrospective. Perfect Blue - Predicting the Future. Topping up on TMS.

Mangagamer uk

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