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in. May 18, I have been waiting for this moment! He said that to me after my third to him. His wife had not taken the hint, nor had she volunteered. B e fore I go any further with this story I want you to know that this couple has given me permission to use his story as the model for doing it the right way to get the result he wanted.

I am not going to identify him in any way.

The story is all that matters. For everyone out there reading this, doing it the same way he was doing it by dropping hints during pillow talk, I have some news for you. Because he was not misled by the photo captions published by the porn and fantasy enthusiasts, I did not have to re-educate him.

He simply wanted her to see other men because the thought of her having sex with these men was such a strong turn on for him. His vision of the fantasy was that she would meet men somewhere, or anywhere, and then share the details with him when she got home. This desire was so strong that he was sure he was perverted, and so he told no one.

Then he found my website and that changed everything when he discovered that not only was he not alone, he was more honest than most men by at least admitting it. Background: They are a married couple in their mid-forties. They are empty nesters, but the wife has a soccer mom background. They are suburbanites, middle income, and not struggling financially since she also works. They are a social couple with friends from work, friends from the neighborhood, and other social friends they met along the way.

Like most empty nesters they struggled to adapt to life being different. Their sex life was boring and had become more of a maintenance chore until he began having fantasies about sharing her. He fantasized that he was one of her co-workers she had mentioned who was flirting with her. He fantasized he was the coworker and had seduced her into an affair.

He began using her revelation during pillow talk hinting around that she should do more. Eventually, he wrote to me. Lexi is not a real doctor, and I know what the subject matter is and the more information they give me helps me to decide where they need to start.

I get some of the information I need in the secondalong with a disclaimer usually letting me know that they might not be sure this is what they really want, but if it is, then now what? Women tell me everything in the first .

I can start helping them right that minute. The third I get from a man is typically when he opens up like a faucet and tells me what I need to know, or answers all my questions. Depending on how they find me, this is when I send them to my website where they can find the truth about this Hotwife Alternative Marriage Lifestyle. So that what I did that time. That was when he told me about finding his Hallelujah. He sopped up all of the information like a sponge and it all made sense. I asked him for the specific details of his fantasy, so I could see how much downsizing I would have to do to get him to a reasonable place to start.

I made a few recommendations of starting with lower expectations and starting at Step One rather than Step Five since eventually, he was going to have to sit her down and tell her what he wanted her to do. He was further ahead than most because they had such a vanilla marriage for so long, there were no skeletons in his closet, or major sins, and not enough marital issues that had been swept under the rug for so long that it made a hump big enough to trip over. We talked about the concept of showing her a completely painted picture that explained exactly how adding some spice to their marriage was going to make it better, would make them closer, and supercharge their sex life without ever mentioning the ultimate goal of her spreading her legs for other men.

For anyone who wonders if this tactic might be somewhat deceitful, let me explain it to you this way. Women are not stupid. She knows where this is going. This thing is, if that factoid is not stated during the presentation she does not have to pretend to be outraged at the suggestion of having sex with other men.

This is not the time to focus on the details. This is the time to explain the advantages of adding spice to the marriage. She will be curious about the spice! In his case I wanted him to spend two weeks focusing all of his attention and energy on her to the point that she began to wonder what was up. It worked. He assured her it was nothing like that and asked her out on a dinner date. To say that she was curious was an understatement. Women who are curious are almost always open minded. There is your ultimate example of an open minded woman!

So after the second glass of wine, he showed her his completely painted picture of how and why adding some spice to their marriage, was going to make it better. Keep in mind that he had just shown her two weeks worth of benefits up front. She was curious about the spice. She wanted to hear about the spice. He told her it would excite him watching her being engaged in the flirting process. That was the spice. They would play a game where she would let men flirt with her and he would watch. She wanted more information because her curiosity was not satisfied.

You want me to have sex with other men? Right now I would like to watch men flirting with you and nothing more. It would add spice to our marriage. I just want to watch you making of a hotwife it. I will never ask you to do anything outside your comfort zone. I just thought adding making of a hotwife spice would be a good thing for our marriage.

He presented this process in a non-threatening way by explaining all of the reasons why adding spice would make their marriage better. He did not ask her to do anything outrageous or outside of her comfort zone so she had no reason not to agree to play the game. She agreed to try it. She said she would but only because she had already had two glasses of wine. He went making of a hotwife the bar and she went to the ladies room.

She sat across from him and ordered a glass of wine. There were only four other people in the bar and no one other than the bartender paid any attention to her but he was flirting with her. She was old enough to be his mother so that went nowhere. An older man came in and sat down two seats away and he was interested in talking to her but he was waiting on a takeout order so that went nowhere either. She made a motion with her head to leave just as another very young guy came into the bar and sat down next to her.

He got his ID checked before he got served but he was all about the older cougar sitting there alone drinking wine. She excused herself, went back to the ladies room and called him. She was laughing. If we keep doing this we need some als. He was thrilled. She went out through the restaurant door and he paid for his drink and hers which surprise the bartender. He met her out front. They went home and had very animalistic sex. After she became a Hotwife I got an from her one day out of the blue thanking me for my help in supercharging their marriage.

Up to that point, I had no idea she knew anything about me coaching her husband. They had some starts and stops along the way and she was slow to take steps but because her husband was patient, she finally got there.

Making of a hotwife

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