Madisons phone house party

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I suggest you make a save in which you have gathered all items already. The listed items are located in the following rooms:. Use it on the Media dock in the dining room. Talk to Frank, be sober.

Talk to Patrick, tell him about Frank. Ask how he keeps a Bottle around. Go to Frank, and tell him Patrick has Wine. Wait a bit after Frank hits Pat and take the Bottle. Inspect the Penguin in the garage.

Co Host. Ask about Brittney, tell her you will get Brit out. Ask about the guests, tell her you and Derek go back long time. TODO: add the dialogues for this.

Start from a save with all nearly all Items. It looks uncomfortable. What do I do now?

Is everything ok? Want me to grab you one? Want me to put in a good word for you? Mind if i take it? I guess I have no choice. I flashed every single person here! Will you accept my Help now? Are you enjoying yourself at the party? I can figure this misunderstanding out.

Stealing from girls?

This has gone way too far! Have you seen my biceps? Is something wrong? You can confide in me. Your friend seems really cool. Can I use your cell phone for a minute? That top looks great on you! Here you are all by yourself again.

In fact I saw a petition going around! I never would have guessed. So are you the Co-Host of this party? Have you met Brittney? Go on. What do you need me to do? How would I hypothetically go about that? Send it to Buh bye, dude! I made a few Friends! You know…for science.

I Think i overheard the sounds of people getting nasty. Wanna do some snooping? Nice to meet you! What do we do? For once, make love, not war with Frank.

For this one we have to go all the way with Frank. Reload to your save! You can learn from your mistakes. Could you uh…put that away? All of you, and your behemoth besticles. Liven up the scenery by getting three or more partygoers to enjoy the rest of the night while showing various amounts of skin.

We already have Derek, and Steph. We were all just trying to understand you better. People like real you. In your room. I know one when I see one. We were just starting to have a good time! See you soon! Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. House Party — New Achievement walkthrough for v0. House Party.

Madisons phone house party

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