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Prostitution in Afghanistan is illegal, with punishments ranging from 5 to 15 years imprisonment. Poverty has been identified has driving force behind increase in prostitution in Afghanistan. Under the former Taliban local whores, prostitution existed local whores in Kabul, despite being outlawed due to the government following a very strict interpretation of the Islamic Sharia law.

Melissa Ditmore reported in Encyclopedia of Prostitution and Sex Work that during their rule the traffic in women for prostitution had thrived. The practice of prostitution in Afghanistan is illegal, with punishments ranging from 5 to 15 years imprisonment and 80 lashes if unmarried.

Prostitution is even more strictly prohibited by the Taliban, with those thought of having extramarital sex risking extrajudicial killing by cultural fundamentalists local whores Islamists. Prostitution in the country is claimed to be mostly driven by poverty and displacement. Embassy in Kabulfemales from Iran, Tajikistan, China, and possibly Uganda and other places have been forced into prostitution in Afghanistan.

Women from Tajikistan are believed to be trafficked through Afghanistan to other countries for prostitution. Trafficked Iranian women transit Afghanistan en route to Pakistan. According to Afghan traditions, the shame of prostitution is so intense that sometimes those involved in such activities are assassinated by the many religious extremists found throughout the country [23] or in some cases by family members.

But society has black glasses and ignores these problems. Tradition is honor, and if we talk about these taboos, then we break tradition. Brothelssometimes run by foreigners, sometimes with links to larger criminal networks, have managed to exist by paying bribes to police officers who came to raid them.

The capital Kabul saw a of Chinese brothels "Chinese restaurants" opened between and It's not safe. I've been here for two years, the money is okay. We stay indoors. We don't go out. Nikah mut'ah is a fixed-term marriage practiced mainly in Shia Islambut is rejected by the majority Sunni Muslims see misyar marriagenikah urfinikah halala.

I started doing 'short marriages' in Iran. When I came back to Mazar-i-Sharif, I continued. Like in many other Islamic countries, it is a major taboo in Afghan culture for women to openly dance in front of men. Males and females are segregated during weddings and other parties. As a form of adult entertainmentyoung males dress as females and dance in front of men to make money.

The 'Curse of 39' refers to the belief in some parts of Afghanistan that the 39 is cursed or a local whores of shame as it is purportedly linked with prostitution. The cause of the 's undesirability is unclear, but it has widely been claimed to have been associated with a pimpallegedly living in the western city of Heratwho was nicknamed "39" after the registration plate of his expensive car and the of his apartment. Vehicle registration plates incorporating the are seen as so undesirable that vehicles and apartments bearing the numerals are said to be virtually unsellable in the capital, Kabul.

One such driver, Zalmay Ahmadi, told The Guardian : "When I drive around all the other cars flash their lights, beep their horns and people point at me. All my classmates now call me Colonel The Government of Afghanistan does not fully meet the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking and is not making ificant efforts to do so.

Afghanistan's TOLOnews reported in that a small of women and girls are literally sold in parts of Nangarhar Province. Some of the victims are said to be moved into neighbouring Pakistan. This is mainly among the Shinwar tribe, which has members on both sides of the Durand Line.

Local whores

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Some international security contractors may have been involved in the sex trafficking of these women. Brothels and prostitution rings are sometimes run by foreigners, sometimes with links to larger criminal networks. Tajik women are also believed to be trafficked through Afghanistan to other countries for prostitution.

Local whores

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Local whores

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Local whores

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Local whores

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