Living with temptation 2 walkthrough

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Revelations are here! Tracy and Lisa — welcome back! You need to learn how to balance your attention to keep the people most important to you on your friend list. Richard and his beautiful wife Antoinette are awaiting their guests in beautiful mansion. If you want to pay them a visit take your next plane to Paris and Tracy, Lisa and Justin in the adventure of their life time. Grrr… My bad, sorry. Amazing game. Been waiting for so long. Tho i have some problem here. Living with temptation 2 walkthrough i watched Tracy cheated on me on the camera my game stuck in loading i guess loading the ending or something Is there any solution to that?

I just played LWT2: Revelations. I got ending I like the fact that there are 17 endings. Good job. Need to move away from the online approach, spent a couple of hours in the game only for living with temptation 2 walkthrough to start to slow my PC down some sort of leak? Also having trouble finding the Lisa Richard scene and the Richard dominating Tracy and Antoinette scene. Every afternoon you are basically forced to talk to Lisa. Maybe this gives you too many points with her? Hi, thanks for playing. You have to be losing to Richard on popularity points, you have to have cheated with Lisa, and also you have to have your relation with Tracy below However, if your relation with with Charlie is below 4 you will get the ending where Tracy yells at you for being a bad father.

And for Lisa and Richard, you have to watch Lisa on the Surveillance three times on the new days, not the camera scenes from the original LWT2. For her to fuck Richard, you have to have less popularity points than Richard, and Lisa relation below 3. I do not think it is possible to have below 3 points with Lisa in the current version of the game.

During afternoons there is always a point where your only option is to talk to Lisa and Charlie. Yes, that is a bug. You should have other options at that time. How can I get access to camera, I want the all the related scenes, Lisa pregnant, Tracy cheat and Gabriel did something to lisa pill.

If possible date and time with estimate popular points and relation points for camera requirements. Only found 4 endings so far. I hope there will be a walkthrough for this. Will really need a walkthrough for this game to truly enjoy and experience the whole game. Thanks to the LOP team for delivering the game. Iksanabot, do you have any plans for LWT3? And are you now writing the date game for both Tracy and Lisa? However, I am still working on two projects. If you are the developer of this content, try allocating less memory to your WebGL build in the WebGL player settings.

The other games run smothly. And i already tried it with different browsers. In the gallery, there is no event to rewatch Tracy cheating with Richard through the video cameras. Keep on chatting with her in living room during afternoons. Amazing tease,fantastic work there! I have run into some bugs though. My 2nd play-through led to a failure to load the ending where Justin watches Tracy cheat with Richard all the way through. Lop offices are closed in the middle of the night right now.

Leonizer and team will work on these bug reports tomorrow. No matter what I choose the following days, the scene hangs or I can not talk to Lisa in the living room anymore. But I already had sex with her after climbing. Is it a bug or did I say something wrong in conversations? Thanks man.

Living with temptation 2 walkthrough

Anyone know how to find the new cuckold tracy scenes? I was only able to find the ones that were in the version, i. To get the Justin cuckold scene you ignore Tracy the entire game keep relationship with her below 10 and have a low popularity. Despite not happening anything between Justin and Antoinette, on day 4 afternoon, at the sauna, she apologizes to Tracy about doing something nasty with him. At the top left menu, her name is Gabriele 1 L.

Sometimes on the game, her name appears as Gabriel which is a male name in Portuguese and others as Gabrielle 2 Ls. It just feels tiresome to have to replay it over and over again to get each one of the endings. A suggestion to you guys: could you try to add a skip text button just like there is in most visual novels out there?

This way, the text go over quickly.

Living with temptation 2 walkthrough

You have to watch them at the pool together a few times. Tracy has three scenes in negligee. One is the first night in the bedroom, but that was in the original, the other two are the last night. These scenes also depend on REL variable, popularity.

Story about Cassie comes from having about 4 or 5 conversations with Tracy and Richard at the pool. Be friendly to Richard and he will eventually tell it. Then invite Tracy. Antoinette will interrupt your fun with Tracy, and then you leave. I also had goold relationship with him.

Perhaps it got in the way? Figured it out. You have to have shared Tracy and you have to play through the day 9 scene where Tracy and Antoinette dance for Justin pool in the evening. This opens up the sauna dialog at the regular time. I think she would be as popular a character as Eleanor.

Catch Anoinette having sex after practise. Ask for money. Deny her first offer. At dinner there is a money handoff that turns into Gabby and Antoinette doubling up on Justin.

Living with temptation 2 walkthrough

At game end choose to look around. Go to Sauna and enjot. Am still stuck on the same repeat conversation with Lisa, is there an extra scene to click to progress to Lisa story after the dream??. Great game, would be very helpful if could help me how to unlock: 1 Lisa and Gabrielle visit while Tracy is busy 2 From the past : drinks with Brad and Chris seems like kinda bug when listening to Lisa as it does not proceed anymore… keeps on repeating the first story.

I think that is a bug…. For Lisa and Gabrielle visit have very low relation with Tracy,like 2 or 3 and cheat with Lisa,on last evening you will have the option to spend last night cheating Tracy with them. You have to reload the game to get the fixed version. On the last night you will have the option to go see the girls. Or do you mean when Justin is locked outside? Admittedly I have done fairly well for one day, but if you could describe the nature of the different endings it would be all I would need to figure out how to get to the rest.

I am not at all disappointed. He devoted all his time to Tracy. It made no sense. I thought she should have given him a husband of the year award.

Living with temptation 2 walkthrough

We will check and fix that. Thanks so much. That will prevent me from shooting in the dark. It was It goes from Tracy Dominatrix scene it seems… So for what this choose in begin of game? This little detail breaking feelings of freedom of choise. I wanted to make Justin and Tracy faithful each other in 1 and 2 parts…. Isnt that could be living with temptation 2 walkthrough logic?

Thank you folks again, this is really something special. When she describes how her painting partners ripped her shirt that one day, show interest in what her train ride home might have been like. Great work on the game everyone. Curious if this will come to steam anytime soon? I personally would prefer to buy on steam than monthly. Is there any other new cheating scenes involving Tracy besides the one which Richard dominates her and Antoinette? Unfortunately, I thought that scene was disappointing. If Tracy was badmouthing him while cheating on him, it would be so much more arousing.

But there is also a scene where she is really mean to Justin as a dominatrix, and a scene where she cheats on Justin with Lisa. To be honest, I though my idea of having him be locked out and watching through the window was pretty awesome. Or should I pick a specific choice or see some specific scene during the game? I too was looking forward to new cheating Tracy scenes. Great game, so much work was put into this expansion.

Living with temptation 2 walkthrough

Already gotten 14 out of 17 endings. Can anyone help me get endings 9,14 and 17? Thank you.

Living with temptation 2 walkthrough Living with temptation 2 walkthrough

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