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Jack has had better moments in his career. Right now flying on the absolute final fuel reserve, he is trying to find a quiet planet to dock and find an odd job to earn some money to refuel his ship. April is a great mechanic and a very enjoyable companion, but after many years of working together she has begun to lose hope and faith that Jack knows what he is doing. This ancient race has never tried to communicate with humanity — the only language they know is one of violence and blood spoken by slaughtering millions of human beings.

Human star fleet was devastated by the first strike — since that moment no one has tried to challenge the Swarm mothership in open combat. During that epic strike, hundreds of military ships were destroyed and all hope seemed to die. Swarm is devouring planet after planet. So far nobody has been able to resist it — the only way to survive is to escape as far as possible and pray to your God for mercy.

What happens to devoured planets? So people are awaiting the inevitable. Girls During your epic journey you will meet a of lovely girls. Some of them will spread their legs for you in exchange for a couple of credits… and some will require a more romantic approach.

They are counting on your attention, some fancy gifts and a promise, that when the Swarm comes, you will take them somewhere safe. Space exploration With your vessel Dignity One, you can visit several planets where you will find interesting quests as well as valuable resources to obtain.

Upgrade your ship In the space ports you can spend your hard earned credits on ship upgrades that will help you take your mining business to a new level with better droids and more precise scanners. Fight for your life Sometimes Jack will be forced to face his enemies in combat. If you want to keep him alive, arm him with new devastating weapons and protect him with body armor. Non-linear story As always in our games — you shape the story. There are a lot of crucial choices altering the plot and events you can encounter during your journey.

You can play as a Jack who is full of compassion or as a Jack who cares only about himself. Depending on your decisions you can reach one of 6 game endings. Board Dignity One here: Dignity One at lopgold. I love Sci-Fi themed games, and your spicing up that with awesome girls is much better!

Anyway, thanks a lot! Please continue to make games for us! Thats rather serious bug that doesnt allow you to make any progress in the game. I even tried to earn money for leaving sector and when I did, I lesson of passion dignity one dock on any station. In terms of any technical issues please at: support lessonofpassion. But i encountered another bug: after saving a game and loading it your combat stat says NaN and you cant defeat any opponent in melee combat.

It rolls the dices but, no matter the you roll, no damage is beeing dealt to anyone. We spend the whole week testing the game and we never encountered this issues — everything works fine for us not matter what we do. But indeed another player also reported us this situation.

To be honest I prepared a new build 1. Also a suggestion for replay ability, either starting with some cash or the ability to increase fuel and cargo to make the grind a little easier. Or ship upgrades carry over. I came here basically to post the same thing as Always Finished all the achievements, but bonus gallery link is down. I would love to see a purchasable cargo space upgrade to or as well.

It would cut down on traveling back and forth between shops and the mining planet. Maybe making ship wreck discoveries more rewarding would be nice too since they are usually less profitable than simply mining despite the rarity difference. And board it without this tool? I see you have reached all the achievements. There is one I have yet to get, Reunion of Lovers. An incredible game, the story and the characters are very successful.

What we want we can do, at the pace we want, especially in the order you want knowing that sometimes it closes the possibility to do something later if we do not do in a certain order. For now, I have found for 5 on 6. I have very little idea last. I found three purposes over a planet, and end in a remote station. And a fairly quick one with a certain person. It was equipped on my ship when I arrived. Very fun game and nice job incorporating gameplay mechanics, such as the fighting system, from games into this one.

However, I would say that there are some gameplay issues — you have two limitations for harvesting money, cargo size and lesson of passion dignity one. If remove cargo size player will still be unable harvest more that 8 times if lucky due to fuel consumption. And now strict cargo limitations makes upgrades to mining droid worthless — you can fill your cargo full with nice radar and worst droid.

I noticed a spatio-temporal incoherence: p On some planet, we can have the following purposes that comes with us. But at some point, we may have Lusty aboard the Dignity One. The Floating in space towards wreckage scene is way too long. Considering we have to see it over and over its just annoying and makes the grind even worse. Second is as many people have said is the cargo space. Why not make an upgrade for cargo space. That surely is a given, work hard at first to make the grind easier. Other than that im really enjoying it, i like the story.

Most of the girls are hot. Just needs some tweaking. First, the good: — Character des are par the course for the newer games being released. Hot ladies, decent guys to look at. The bad: — Combat is not your bag at this point. Coming off games like Abyss, Living with Temptation, and Girl with the Tattoos: I expected better than middle-school level dialogue and plot. Did you lose your writer, or something? Character motivations were all over the place and everyone spoke like they were reading from a bad Syfy channel script.

And spelling mistakes abooooound. Have fun. I really hope your next games are better, to be honest. This level of work going into them makes me not want to subscribe. I turned the game in long, wide and across, but I can not have the end where you destroyed the mother ship.

Someone has an idea to have it without giving too much away? Do I understand correctly that there is no way to fuck Helen, Pirate Captain or April without raping her — or getting a blowjob only? I am experiencing this too, the only way I know of is too force her.

Hey I had a question, what happens when you have a high enough relationship with April? The girl on the ship with you. Dignity 1 suffers from the same issues as Johnny Bullet and City of Love. In games there were multiple positions and speeds for each time you could have sex… in Dignity 1 you have about 2 scenes for each… the scenes with the prostitutes were down-right lazy… Instead of focusing on the relationships and the sex those things become secondaryyou put a lot of effort into mechanics that should be secondary like mining, combat, etc.

If I wanted to spend time with things like these I would play starcraft, world of warcraft, elder scrolls, etc. And I hate, hate, hate that dice system… once, against a particular strong enemy I rolled lower than him more than 6 times in a row… in another instance I rolled a 1 four times in a row… I still look forward to future releases, especially the CoL expansion and I will continue to support your site.

But this was a serious disappointment. I still liked it but it would be great if someone made a walk-through. Really liked the game. It is also compared to other games much less grind and not really long, you get money quickly and can explore. I hope it gets expanded in the future.

I really appreciate the superb work done by publishing all these games. Thanks to the authors. Any hint, where it can be found? I really like the game but im stuck on getting the Gazebo achievement any hint or ideas on how to get it. You must be logged in lesson of passion dignity one post a comment. LOP blog. Search for:. Category LOP Gold.

Lesson of passion dignity one

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