Lana sex

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However, the most engrossing and entertaining storyline that WWE writers have come up has to be the one involving the real-life couple — Rusev and Lana. Lana has been claiming that their marriage broke down because Rusev is a sex addict and since adding Bobby Lashley to the mix, the trio have given viewers an entertaining segment on RAW for a while now.

Both Lana and Rusev have been playing their parts well on social media as well to further the storyline. Lana, who is an avid instagrammer has for weeks now avoided posting pictures with husband and instead has teased her fans with pictures of Lashley. Now, adding fuel to the storyline is Rusev, who in reply to noted pro-wrestling journalist Ryan Satin, has hinted that he may have had sex with Lana on the very Tank lana sex was used for his elaborate entrance during Wrestlemania 31, where he lost his first match in WWE, failing to defend his United States Championship against John Cena in Summer or Winter???

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Lana sex

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WWE Superstar Rusev Hints He Had Sex With Wife Lana in a Tank Before His Wrestlemania 31 Match Against John Cena