Innocent cheating tumblr

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Innocent cheating tumblr

She stared at it for a long time before reading it. Her eyes raked over the words on the cover, and her fingers clutched the paper so roughly she was surprised there were no tears. She was hesitant to read it, though she had no idea why.

Her husband often released pamphlets such as this one, so why was The Reynolds Pamphlet sending off such a dreadful vibe? Perhaps it was the looks she was receiving on the streets, looks of pity and even some giggles. Perhaps it was the way the man who handed her the pamphlet looked so sad as he pushed the papers into her hand and gave her a pat on the arm.

Perhaps it was the way wherever she walked, people whispered.

Innocent cheating tumblr

She heard snippets of their hushed conversations:. It was a lovely afternoon, and she needed to clear her mind from the strange behavior in the streets. Now she perched on her bed, running a hand over the soft blankets and tracing circles in the sheets, attempting to slow her breathing.

She was so hesitant to read the mysterious pamphlet that it was an hour before she even opened the papers. It took her hours to make her way through the pamphlet, and by the end, tears stained the words, making it harder to read. She took deep breaths, sobs racking her body. Finally, she calmed down, wiping away any lingering tears and brushing the hair out of her face. That must be it!

It was simply a joke. Someone from work, Jefferson or Madison or Burr. They must have published a pamphlet accusing Alexander of an affair under his name. She stretched her aching muscles, adjusted the skirts of her dress, and slipped the pamphlet under the bed. A few moments later, she heard her husband call out. A wide innocent cheating tumblr making its way to her face, she flew down the stairs, gripping her skirt.

He hesitated, chewing his cheek and studying her. Finally, he smiled. She nodded again. I know you would never do anything like that. It must have been somebody else, trying to play a joke on you and make you look foolish. She looked at him. I wrote that pamphlet. Everything in it is true. Her heart dropped. She felt the world slip into darkness around her as her eyes welled up with tears again. Alexander pushed against it, but faltered when it refused to move. He knew she needed time to innocent cheating tumblr, but he was worried about her.

What if she did something foolish? After a pause, she replied through the crack in the door. He stood there for a moment longer before leaving, walking away towards his study. Halfway there, he quickly went back to the door. She forced herself to walk over to the bed, reach under it, and pull out the forgotten pamphlet. She studied any parts of interest again, now with a new mindset. Knowing everything was real, the papers were a thousand times worse. She sat on the bed, her hand slipping under her dress and finding two chains around her neck.

Innocent cheating tumblr

She pulled out the first pendant. It was a simple yet stunning necklace had given her when they had first began to court. Her eyes fell downwards on her wedding ring. She twisted it around her finger, feeling the cool metal underneath her finger tips.

She built up the courage to pull it off for the first time since they had been married and set it next to her on the bed, tears threatening to fall from her eyes. She debated getting rid of the ring, getting rid of him, but instead put it off to the side for later thought. She then slipped off the necklace, the beautiful chain that she had cherished since the day he had given it to her. The next necklace carried only a small key.

She got on her feet, walking over to the dresser and pulling a small wooden box off the top, carrying it over to her work station. She used the key to open it, her actions slow and careful. The lid of the box innocent cheating tumblr opened, revealing piece after piece of parchment.

She picked up the top letter, dated only a few weeks ago, the last time Alexander had been away. The corners of her mouth tilted up as her eyes traced the ink, her fingers following the familiar patterns. She put that away, and reached for the bottom, pulling out the first letter he had ever written to her. She searched desperately for any s of betrayal.

Not if he would do this. She read each letter, studying every phrase as if it were innocent cheating tumblr history lesson she needed to learn. She paid special attention to the more recent letters, looking for a hint as to his true feelings for her. She found nothing, only the usual lies about how much he adored her. Why would he do this? Why would he break her heart?

Why would he tear apart the family? Hours later, it was time for dinner, and yet she found herself curled in a ball on the bed, clutching her necklace and letters. Finally calming down, she carefully tucked the letters back into their ased places in the box and laid the necklace on top. Taking a deep breath, she placed her wedding ring carefully on the stack. Satisfied with her work, she closed the lid, locked it, and tucked the key back under her dress, placing the box back on the dresser.

She realized with a start that the day had passed.

Innocent cheating tumblr

The children were home, and supper would be served soon. She wiped at her eyes, ran her fingers through her hair, and prayed she looked presentable. Finally, she stood up and left the room. As he noticed her fingers bare of the wedding ring, his heart broke and tears filled his eyes.

Innocent cheating tumblr

He put on an act for his children, but inside, he was dying. Why had he made such a stupid mistake?

Innocent cheating tumblr

I will allow you to stay for our children, but know this. I will never forgive you. Before he could get a word in or even a sob, she was up and walking away. Before she closed the door, she turned back to him. Request Something Masterlist Thank you for reading! The Reynolds Pamphlet- Alexander x Innocent! Warnings: Cheating She stared at it for a long time before reading it.

Innocent cheating tumblr

Suddenly, something hit the young woman. She smiled. The woman stood up slowly, running a hand under her eyes and brushing away the tears. Jun 21, — notes — Tags.

Innocent cheating tumblr

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