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My name is Incognitymous and this is my Patreon. Patreon is a crowdfunding platform that enables creators to receive support from fans of their work. With the support of their patrons creators are able to invest more time and resources into producing content. I draw adult content featuring popular characters in sexual situations.

There is not a lot of official jobs in this line of work, but with everyone's support I incognitymous patreon create content full-time. The more support I receive the more permanent this can be, so if you like my art then please pledge to show your support so that I can continue creating art for you to enjoy. You can find my free public releases in my Blogger. Do note that my name is associated with a range of content that Patreon does not allow and I would like that this adhere to their rules.

Any such content will not be found either here on Patreon nor in the Pixiv linked above. Any content and discussion on this Patreon must assume that all characters depicted or described in sexual situations are 18 years of age or older. The more support this Patreon receives the more of my time I can dedicate to producing more content.

This Patreon is NOT a place to discuss or request content featuring underage characters. Patreon is very strict about their rules regarding this content matter. Any comments regarding this content will be deleted. This means that you will be charged as soon as you pledge and will have immediate access to all content; however, this does not exclude you from the normal Patreon billing period. Patreon starts billing on the 1st of every month and continues until the 5th of the month. All payments made are for the current month.

This means that if you pledge on the final day of January then that payment still only applies to January. You will still be charged again on the 1st of February for that month. If it is the end of the month and you would like to avoid a double charge then you should wait the extra day or two before pledging. If you have any further questions or comments, or would simply like incognitymous patreon chat, you can also find me on Discord.

Ultimate safety net. Not quite where I have been recently but this will put me at the safest point to ensure that I can my intended workflow with minimal interference as well as afford hardware and other equipment upgrades or replacements as needed. This will also help me move to a better area with less crime and less service blackouts, which is something I was on the right track for but has been delayed indefinitely until I'm back on track.

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Incognitymous patreon

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