Incest hypnosis

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. I always knew I had hypnotic powers but I never really put them to use until now.

My name is Bill I am a pretty typical guy for my age 18 however I have something that sets me aside from everyone else. The power to hypnotize anyone who looks into my eyes. I always knew had this power and I use it every now and then to do pranks, humiliate people, get good grades nothing huge. To tell a little more about me I live with my mother who is actually quiet attractive and my sister incest hypnosis is only a little younger than me. Soon enough my world was turned upside down that fatal day. School was a real drag that day so I faked an illness and was sent home.

I was hoping my mom wouldn't be home so I could just sit back watch some TV take care of the little homework I had then sleep but instead I got a shocking surprise. What are you doing here your supposed to be at school! Why are you looking at me like that! Quickly I hypnotized her and said. Go upstairs put some clothes on and then wake up. I couldn't believe what just happened! Incest hypnosis had just accidentally caught my mom naked. At first I was horrified and freaked out at just happened I mean she was my own mom. Then I rethought it. She was very attractive and her breasts were amazing.

Then the guilt came back so I decided to go for a walk and think about this before I get carried away. So I hit the road and started walking around the neighborhood thinking about what to do. There was no way I could just forget it so that was not an option.

I could hypnotize her again and fuck her.

But she's my mom it's incest I couldn't possibly do that. Then I recalled the memory of her naked. Wow was she hot! Her breasts Bill what are you thinking she's your mom you can't fuck your mom she brought you into this world you can't just fuck her it's wrong. But damn was she hot!

I looked at my watch and realized Incest hypnosis should head back before she gets suspicious of where I am. As I walked in the door I realized I came in at just the right time and my mom was indeed fully clothed but her breasts still looked amazing through the shirt. The walk in and the idea of fucking her is perhaps the hardest decision of my life. I mean I thought about doing it with her but I don't feel right about it. I've known her for a long time but I just figured out how much I love her and I don't know what to do.

Go ahead and have fun. Not tonight though my mind has been through enough for one day much less my mind. Around that time my sister came in.

Probably a little less confusing than mine I thought. This was perfect. While she's out with her friend I have the entire night to fuck Mom. Not to mention it'll be Friday then so I don't need to worry about school. Sure have fun.

It's all to perfect this must be a dream. Thankfully it wasn't. I have work around the house and Billy has homework or something he can do. Just a quite evening. I muttered under my breath. Later that night when my mom was asleep I started masturbating.

Why not? Hey I got a huge hardcore fuck ahead of me I have rights. Luckily I gripped my moms panties earlier for this occasion. They smelt so good and it got me so horny. I could only imagine how it tasted or how tight it is. After my father left her pussy had to have gotten tighter after all these years of being dormant. Soon enough I squirted my cream into the air in an eruption of pleasure. As the alarm on my clock rung like crazy I quickly reached to turn it off. I had amazing dreams last night. The masturbating got to me. I dreamed about fucking her all night and I just realized I still had a incest hypnosis on from the dream.

I quickly gripped the panties and finished this incest hypnosis relatively quickly because the session in reality lasted all night. So I got up out of my bed and went to the shower to freshen up. It felt so good to finally clean up after a sticky night.

After the shower I put on some clothes made breakfast and started the longest day of my life. Soon enough the hottest mom in the world came downstairs in her new robe she got for her birthday and made breakfast for herself. A good nights sleep will help you get through all day and all night if you wish.

I got my books together, packed my lunch and headed out the door to wait for the bus. I never knew a school day could possibly be so long. Even gym felt like an hour! My mom was all over my thoughts. When the 7'th bell rang I felt like I went to heaven. I ran to my locker put away my books got my stuff and ran to the bus. After everyone was in we started heading off to my home. I always wanted to get home asap but never quite like today.

Today I had a woman to fuck and a sister to manage to get off to the party as soon as she possibly can. Soon enough I got to my house and was ready for a quick chit chat with mom for a few minutes my sister comes in from school quickly after that then around she goes away with Jean and the fuck fest begins!

Just as I thought my mom was incest hypnosis. Not naked or skimpy but she was always sexy to me. It was unbelievably slow. At least that's what I wanted to say. I decided just to incest hypnosis about my mom until It would make me want to fuck her more and it would pass the time I thought as I gripped her fresh panties and began my session.

The more I sniffed her panties the more I wanted her. O how I wanted to suck her big juicy tits. And how I needed to lick her tasty heavenly pussy, as well and stuff my stiff prick into her canal. The final thought of me squirting inside her finally took me over the edge as my load shot into the air. Smearing the sheets of course but it's just a very small thing of course since tonight I wouldn't be sleeping in this bed!

Incest hypnosis

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