Imoutoto 2 guide

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The guide for the 2 ending doesn't work. Yukano, are you popular with the boys. Dialogue does not show up.

Roll up skirt Make her orgasm. Roll up skirt Make her orgasm again.

Talk "Yukano, are you popular with the boys? Did I do something wrong?

Talk "I want to know everything about you, Yukano. Sex Lay on bed. If she then asks say bot.

Reverse Rape Ending You simply have to bring her to orgasm once then when she admits her love for you, deny her. To get the fourth ending, just basically talk sweet to Yukano following from "Yukano, I worry about you" to "I will accept Anything you have to say". Basically the Lover's End. Afterwards "Yukano are you popular with the boys? Imoutoto 2 guide the middle bar needs to be raised to yellow before talking to her again if you want to remove clothing or make her cum it wont affect the out come because your left bar her happiness wont lower so do what you wish ask her "yukano I want to know how you really feel" followed by "I will accept Anything you have to say" "I Love you too" this is where you can make a choice between 2 and 3 ending if you want 2 kiss fellatio then sex if you want lewd ending go strait to sex but this might not work if she doesn't come 3 times I have herd that might be the case so I'm sharing it with you.

Guess what, that lover end that guy posted, doesent work :D, aint that great, wasted another 2 hours trying to figure this fucking shit out, i just wanted to beat off, why cant it be simple. For Rape ending which is ending 4 just do this Talk to her right off the start, Say "yukano, I worry About you" Then "It's Because mom and dad are gone, so its just you and me" Do this twice She then asks why you are doing this, you respond "because you're important to me" Then After this Demand sex and rape her, your affection will be high enough to allow the rape to happen I have never gotten ending 2.

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Imoutoto 2 guide

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