How to play reaper overwatch

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When people think of Overwatch villains, the first person they picture is Reaper. The former Blackwatch member turned Talon supreme leader is a staple for a Overwatch players everywhere.

That by no means makes him easy to play, though, so here are our top tips to help you dominate as Reaper. Constantly overlooked due to his erratic nature and chaotic leadership style, though, things rapidly took a turn for the worst. Reapers twin Hellfire Shotguns pack quite the punch. NOTE: Reaper becomes a shadow for a short period of time. While in this form, he takes no damage and is able to pass through enemies, but cannot fire his weapons or use other abilities. His entire kit revolves around getting into the backline and shutting down squishier heroes, so if you constantly want to be on the offence then Reaper is perfect for you.

The thing you want to remember is his passive. This is a great tip for your Death Blossom, too. Use your Shadow Step to sneak behind the enemy team, then drop your Ult. Fancy trying your hand at other epic heroes from Overwatch? Blizzard Entertainment To master the Reaper, you need to learn about his history first. Damage : 1. Falloff range : 10 to 20 meters Spread angle : 6 Num. Shadow Step Max. Valorant Can you play Valorant on Mac? Load More. Reaper Blood. Reaper Midnight.

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How to play reaper overwatch

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The Ultimate Overwatch Reaper Guide